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July 21, 2020 Webinar FAQs

Health Center Program – Session FAQs

Can Health Center grantees offer rapid COVID-9 testing and results to target groups and non-rapid COVID-19 testing processes to other groups?

What is the definition of a Look a Like in this reference?

For the health center in Florida that provided technology to their low-income patients, how did they decide which patients qualified for these telehealth technology? Were there any restrictions on who to provide these devices to due to Medicaid/Medicare (reference presentation)?

The Financial Health of Your HRSA Grant – Session FAQs

Is there a step-by-step guide on reporting requirements?

Whom can I reach out to, to assist with preparing annual FFR?

Will HRSA allow COVID-19 recipients to submit a request for carryover funds at the end of project year?

Who in an entity should receive the Notice of Award?

We are part of the state system and are an independent university, but fall under the Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). The single audit that is submitted to the clearinghouse is done by PASSHE under their EIN and not the University. How do we make sure that it will be linked back to our university since our EIN is not mentioned on that report?

Are HRSA funds (H8C, D8D, H8E, and H80) subject to single audits in addition to the biennial OSV audit?

Is there a HRSA document that identifies the details expected in tracking earned income?

Whom do we contact if we need help accessing the Payment Management System?

Can you clarify the need for a crosswalk from the general ledger account to the CFDA?

If our grant allowed for the purchase of a new computer and that computer crashes, can we charge the replacement computer to the grant?

What is the role of the board of directors in monitoring federal funds?

To what degree are contractors of a federal funds-receiving organization, or receivers of mini-grants, bound by the Stevens Amendment?

Requesting the Guide for Financial Policies and Procedures

Is a disposition report only required if the depreciated value is over $5,000?

Due to COVID-19, are subawards allowed to change their direction to accommodate recruiting needs?

Date Last Reviewed:  September 2020