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September 1, 2020 Webinar FAQs

Financial Management Roundtable

Is Dec. 1, 2019, the effective date of the $197,300 [salary level]? For example, is it acceptable if a key personnel is below the threshold at the beginning of the grant period, but gets a pay increase and exceeds the cap during the grant period?

To confirm, $192,300 was the rate for calendar year 2019 and $197,300 is rate for calendar year 2020?

Regarding the Stevens amendment, which awards should be included in the total? For instance, would the recent quality improvement award be included?

What is the difference between fringe rate and indirects?

Is the executive level kept for all three years of a three-year award or does it change each year?

Is the $197,300 annual salary cap "base salary" or does that cap include benefits?

If personnel salary fell under the cap in 2019 then exceeded the cap in 2020 within same grant period that runs July-June, I would have to adjust for that annual salary cap, correct?

For a PPP loan where repayment may be required, how can we determine whether to use HRSA funding for those same employees?

Is there documented guidance you can point me to around the “up to 50% fringe benefits” associated with salaries charged to the COVID-19 awards?

When to Call the HRSA Call Center

Who should be the Financial Reporting Administrator?

If a opportunity is funded, will it then show up in the EHB?

Can you speak to the visibility of tasks based on roles in the organization?

How do grants show up in the EHB?


How does the mapping compare to UDS mapper? Can this be used for service area mapping?

When sorting on, can you select multiple variables in the columns?


Date Last Reviewed:  November 2020