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Award Management Tutorial

Accessing Award Funds

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Draw downs

Recipients draw down funds as necessary through the PMS web-based portal.

Grant payments may be made by one of several advance payment methods or by cash request on a reimbursement basis. If the cash request is for an advance payment, the recipient may request funds monthly on the basis of expected disbursements during the succeeding month and the amount of federal funds already on hand. A request for reimbursement may be submitted more often, if authorized.

Federal funds advanced to the recipient should be fully disbursed (checks written, signed, and issued to the payees) by the close of business the next work day after receipt of the funds.

Federal funds should be placed in an interest bearing account. Any interest earned by recipients on advances of federal funds under all federal grant awards and subawards that, in the aggregate, exceeds $250 per year (nongovernmental) or $100 per year (governmental other than states) must be remitted annually to PMS.

Recipients must submit the required FFR/SF-425 report in a timely manner. The FFR submitted through the PMS monitors the timing of cash advances and disbursements and is submitted quarterly.


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Date Last Reviewed:  April 2017