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Post Award Requirements

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Part A: Financial and Program Management - Introduction

A pair of glasses on top of a stack of papersThis topic will address important fiscal and program management issues for the recipients of HRSA awards. As the recipient of an award from HRSA, there is a great deal of information that your organization will need in order to be a successful steward of federal funds.

Recipients are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of their award-supported activities and are responsible for the performance of the project and the appropriate expenditure of award funds by all parties. Recipients should have systems in place that enable compliance with Federal and HHS award regulations, policies, and procedures. Recipients are also required to communicate to HRSA any changes they propose to make to the approved program and/or budget through a formal process called a Prior Approval Request which is detailed in this section.

The information provided in this section is just a brief overview of selected post-award processes and requirements. For full details on any of these topics, see the HHS GPS and/or 45 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 74 or 92, as applicable.

The subject areas to be discussed in this section include:


Date Last Reviewed:  July 2018

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