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Expanded Authority

Is an award management tool which provides certain recipients the ability to perform specific prior approval actions, without requesting permission from HRSA. Recipient’s NoA will clearly reflect this allowance in the “Remarks” section if the program has Expanded Authority privileges. The following actions are covered by Expanded Authority as described:

  • Carryovers – up to 25 percent of the Total Amount of the Award of the budget period from which the unobligated funds will be transferred may be carried over into the consecutive budget period for allowable costs within the original scope of the project.
  • No Cost Extensions (NCE) – a recipient may perform a one time no cost extension of the budget and project period end dates up to 12 months. If a second NCE is required beyond the initial 12 month Expanded Authority extension, prior approval no-cost extension procedures are to be followed by submitting a request for a second NCE through EHB Prior Approval segment.
  • Both Carryovers and NCEs must be submitted in EHB for documentation purposes, and to generate a revised NoA for the NCE.


Date Last Reviewed:  July 2018

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