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Financial and Program Management: Overview

The recipient must maintain an Financial Management System which can accurately record, report, and manage HRSA’s funds in accordance with the recipient’s NoA terms and conditions. Overall, the recipient’s FMS must at a minimum be able to account for costs charged to HRSA’s program in accordance with HHS GPS, Section II.60 which requires recipients to meet the standards and requirements for financial management systems set forth or referenced in 45 CFR 74.21 or 92.20, as applicable. The following is a list of financial management areas HRSA deems of particular interest.

Standards for Financial Management 

Among other things, a recipient’s FMS must have written: policies and procedures; procedures for determining allowability of costs; and procedures to minimize the time between the transfer of HRSA funds and payment of funds. 

Date Last Reviewed:  July 2018

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Contact your Project Officer or Grants Management Specialist with specific questions about the administration and management of your grant or cooperative agreement. Their contact information is on the last page of the Notice of Award.