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Property Standards

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Equipment – tangible nonexpendable personal property including exempt property charged directly to the award having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more per unit.

Any items that do not meet the threshold for equipment are considered Supplies which is defined as; all personal property excluding equipment and tangible property, with an acquisition costs less than $5,000.

If Federal funds are used to purchase equipment:

  • The title of the equipment vests with the recipient;
  • HRSA always reserves the right to order the transfer of the title of the equipment back to HRSA or third party named by HRSA (recipient will be reimbursed for its share in the value);
  • State laws and procedure govern use, management and disposal of equipment acquired by a State under an award;
  • The equipment must be used for the project as long as needed for the original supported activity, even if award support ends; and
  • The equipment may not to be used as collateral.

Sub-recipients - Title to equipment acquired by a recipient's sub-recipient vests with the sub-recipient upon acquisition. The same property management rules apply.



Date Last Reviewed:  July 2018

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