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Awards Management Tutorial

After-the-Award Requirements

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Award Closeout

Award Closeout process occurs following the expiration or the termination of the project period for a discretionary grant or cooperative agreement. The purpose of the closeout process is to ensure that all final reports are received and evaluated, allowable costs are determined, and amounts due to either the Federal Agency or to the recipient are determined and payment arrangements are made.


Preparation for closeout should begin 3 months prior to the end date of the grant in order to accurately forecast expenses and any adjusting entries can be made. A review of the initial NoA, the program guidance, and any emails received from the Program Office with specific closeout instructions must also be completed.

Within 90 days after the Project Period End Date or as indicated under the reporting requirement on the NoA, the recipient should complete the following activities:

  • Reconcile financial expenditures by liquidating all obligations incurred for all budget categories
  • Complete and submit the final FFR (SF 425) into EHB. A final FFR is required for any grant terminated, transferred to a new recipient, or any award at the end of the project period (or if comprised of multiple competitive segments, at the end of each competitive segment).
    • It must not include any unliquidated obligations.
    • It must account for all funds awarded within the grant document.
    • It must reconcile with PMS disbursement reporting.

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Payment Management Contacts

Contact your Project Officer or Grants Management Specialist with specific questions about the administration and management of your grant or cooperative agreement. Their contact information is on the last page of the Notice of Award.