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Award Management Tutorial

Notice of Award

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The NoA is the official document that states the terms, conditions, and amount of an award and is signed by the Grants Management Officer (GMO) who is authorized to obligate funds on behalf of the HRSA.

The document is formatted into numbered blocks that provide specific information about the award; including administrative information, legislative and fiscal data, and names and phone numbers of grant and program office staff. For multi-year awards, the NoA also includes information on anticipated subsequent funding periods and their tentative levels of funding.

A NoA, showing the amount of Federal funds authorized for obligation and any future-year commitments, is issued for each budget period in the approved project period. A revised NoA may be issued during a budget period to effect an action resulting in a change in the budget and project period of funding, amount of support or other change in the terms and conditions of award.

The NoA will also contain attachments, which spell out additional terms and conditions of the award and enclosures that give further guidance on administrative procedures. The attachments and enclosures contain important information about awards. Recipients are urged to pay particular attention to them.

Copies of the NoA are e-mailed to each successful applicant. Copies may be sent to either the Authorized Representative or the Program Director.

On Page 1 of the Notice of Award form, sections 1-8 include basic information about the grant award including the date issued, CFDA number, award number, grant number, project period and budget period. Sections 9 and 10 list the grantee name and address and the name of the Program Director. Sections 11-14 outlines budget information. Section 15 lists the amount of non-Federal funds in support of the project; section 17 outlines the future support amount of the final project period. Page 2 provides instructions on how to access the Electronic Handbook (EHB) and outlines the applicable terms and conditions of the award. Page 3 outlines reporting requirements and provides due dates and explanations for required reports. Page 4 lists the contact information for the grantee's HRSA assigned Program Officer and Grants Management Specialist. 

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Payment Management Contacts

Contact your Project Officer or Grants Management Specialist with specific questions about the administration and management of your grant or cooperative agreement. Their contact information is on the last page of the Notice of Award.