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Award Management Tutorial

Notice of Award

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Program/Grant Conditions

In addition to, or in lieu of, the standard terms and conditions of award specified in the HHS GPS, HRSA may use terms and conditions for program-specific or award-specific reasons. For example, a grant condition may require the recipient to provide a revised budget, consisting of the SF-424A, the line item budget, and budget narrative within 30 days of receipt of the NoA.

Conditions always require a response by a specific date – failure to respond to the HRSA Division of Grants Management Operations (DGMO) in a satisfactory manner may result in an adverse action. Responses to conditions are submitted through the EHBs.

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Payment Management Contacts

Contact your Project Officer or Grants Management Specialist with specific questions about the administration and management of your grant or cooperative agreement. Their contact information is on the last page of the Notice of Award.