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Awards Management Tutorial

Reports and Records

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Financial Reporting - continued

OMB has consolidated the Federal Cash Transaction Report (SF-272) and the Financial Status Report (SF-269) into one form, the FFR (SF-425) HRSA recipients will use this form to:

Report Federal Cash Transactions to PMS on a quarterly basis

  • Top portion: sections 10.a, 10.b and 10.c are reported to PMS

Report Expenditures to HRSA as per the grant-specific reporting requirement

  • Lower portion: sections 10.d through 10.o are reported to HRSA

Members of the grantee organization responsible for submitting the FFR to HRSA must register as the Financial Reporting Administrator (FRA) in the EHBs. You will need your organizations PIN from the PMS to verify your identity as the FRA. All other members of the grantee organization who will need to view, edit or submit the FFR will need to request privileges from the FRA. The FFR deadline will be displayed in the FFR status table in the EHB’s financial reports list.

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Payment Management Contacts

Contact your Project Officer or Grants Management Specialist with specific questions about the administration and management of your grant or cooperative agreement. Their contact information is on the last page of the Notice of Award.