Quick Reference Guides for Grants and Program Staff

These documents walk you through the steps you need to take in EHBs to manage electronic post-award documents and make information requests of grantees. Reference guides for grants staff map the process for the GMS, GMO and QC roles in EHBs. Guides for program staff map the process for the PO, PQC and PAO roles.

Reviewing Post-Award Submissions

This quick reference sheet covers reviewing progress reports, performance reports and other post‐award submissions.

Additional Information Requests

Use the “Request Information” feature in your grant portfolio to request information from a grantee, where this information is not necessarily related to a condition or reporting requirement.

Prior Approval Requests

This quick reference sheet covers reviewing prior approval requests, which grantees submit whenever they wish to take
actions that require prior approval from HRSA. A prior approval request is routed to the Project Officer (PO) and Grants Management Specialist (GMS) for the grant. PO may review the request and make a recommendation to Grants office. Grants will make the decision.

Date Last Reviewed:  April 2017