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HRSA Child Care Tuition Assistance Program (CCTAP)

In 2000, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) established a Child Care Tuition Assistance Program.  This program complies with Public Law 107-67 Section 630 and provides “affordable child care for lower income Federal employees”.  HRSA’s commitment to the Child Care Tuition Assistance Program was developed in partnership with the National Treasury Employees Union through the HRSA/NTEU Labor-Management Partnership Council.

HRSA Child Care Tuition Assistance Program is available to federal HRSA employees meeting qualification guidelines.

1. Eligibility

  • Adjusted gross family income is $75,000 or less (IRS form 1040, Line 37 or Line 21 on IRS form 1040A)
  • Child is age 13 or under (or 18 and under if physically or mentally unable to care for him/herself)
  • Child is enrolled, or has been approved for enrollment, in a licensed child care center or under the care of a licensed child care provider.

2. Definition of a Child

As provided in the regulations that implement Public Law 107-67, for the purpose of this program, a child is considered to be:

  • A biological child who lives with the Federal employee;
  • An adopted child;
  • A stepchild;
  • A foster child;
  • A child for whom a judicial determination of support has been obtained; or
  • A child who is supported by the Federal employee who is a parent or legal guardian and makes regular and substantial contributions.

3. Application Process

The following information and forms must be submitted when applying for the CCTAP:

  • Child Care Subsidy Application Form – HHS-698, “Department of Health & Human Services, Office of The Secretary Child Care Subsidy Program Application.”
  • Child Care Provider Application Form - OPM Form 1644, “Child Care Provider Form.” Please note:  Your provider does not need to fill out Section IV, Provider’s Financial Institution.
  • SF-50 - “Notification of Personnel Action.”
  • Pay statements for the two most recent pay periods for each parent or guardian.
  • *Most recent signed IRS tax filing forms for each parent or guardian. (Send Federal forms only; State forms and W-2’s are not required.)
  • Copy of child care provider’s license or letter of compliance with state or local child care agency.
  • Copy of Child Care Provider’s Rate Sheet.
  • HRSA employees may become eligible for the program as early as the Monday following the date of receipt of a complete application to FCCS. 

4. Submission of Application

To apply for the HRSA Child Care Tuition Assistance Program, send your completed application to:

Federal Employee Education Assistance (FEEA)Fund
HHS/HRSA Child Care
3333 S. Wadsworth Boulevard
Suite 300
Lakewood, CO  80227-5122

5. FEEA/FCCS Contact

Vickie Eros
Administrative/Financial Contact
Phone: 303-933-7580

Please Note

Applications may be submitted at any time.  Participation in the Child Care Tuition Assistance Program is subject to availability of appropriated funds.  If no funds are available at the time you apply, you will be notified and placed on a waiting list.  When more than one parent works for the Federal Government, a subsidy cannot be awarded for the child/children by more than one Federal agency.  For further information and guidance contact the CCTAP HRSA Project Officer Renee Lennox at 301-443-3946 or e-mail

*Manually signed or proof of an electronic signature if e-filed.

Date Last Reviewed:  April 2017