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Public Affairs Specialist - Digital Communications

HRSA is recruiting three public affairs specialists — digital communications to join the agency's small but mighty web team. Because the team is small, everyone needs to be something of a generalist, so we are looking for experienced talent with a passion for usability and skills in content development, plain language, information architecture, project management, social media and a foundation in communication.

Fully staffed, the team is five Feds and five off-site contractors. We use Percussion for our CMS and plan a Drupal pilot in the near future. We will roll out our first responsive design site next month, about the same time we launch new identity graphics. 

If you want details, see this deck we used to brief the leadership (PPT) last year and last month's metrics report (PDF)

Primary Responsibilities 

  • GS-1035-14: Leads re-engineering projects, manages outbound messaging. Consults far and wide throughout the agency, spreading the gospel of user-centered web development. Introduces new technologies and techniques. Crafts compelling social media strategies.Translates leaden language into English. Creates great graphics (or recognizes the need to call in a designer).
  • GS-1035-15: Supervises the team, keeps the trains running on time and plans for the future. Works with senior leadership and has responsibility and authority to shape digital communications to meet their needs. Interfaces with HHS and HHS OpDivs. Tries to make the web and social media better, every day.

A Couple of Things We're Working On

Responsive design template sample home page (PDF)

Grant program catalog application (PDF)

Have an Interview Scheduled?

Come to the Parklawn Building, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857. Enter the lobby closest to Twinbrook Parkway to pass through security. Call your contact, who will meet you and show you the way.

Date Last Reviewed:  April 2017