Manage Your Grant Workshops

We host online and in-person workshops to help HRSA grantees successfully manage their grants.

Recent Workshop

August 2018 - Regional Grants Workshop, San Francisco, CA


Federal Financial Report (PDF – 626 KB)

Federal Interest & Equipment Reporting (PDF – 605 KB)

Getting in Shape for a Financial Management Review (PDF – 332 KB)

Getting in Shape for a Grant Review (PDF – 1424 KB)

Grantee Language Access Training (PDF – 226 KB)

Grants 101 (PDF – 1.5 MB)

Post-Award Administrative Management (PDF – 1.2 MB)

Pre-award and Reduction of Financial Risk (PDF – 530 KB)

Purchasing with Grant Funds (PDF – 397 KB)

Subrecipient Monitoring and Management (PDF – 345 KB)

The Closeout Process (PDF – 395 KB)

Understanding Your NoA (PDF – 1.2 MB)

Past Workshops

May 2018 

October 2010


Date Last Reviewed:  August 2018

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