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Find Oral Health Care

Access to Oral Health Care: The Role of Federally Qualified Health Centers in Addressing Disparities and
Expanding Access
(PDF - 491 KB),  American Journal of Public Health 01/22/2013. Finds no disparities in access to care and high patient satisfaction.

Health Centers

HRSA-funded health centers provide health care on a sliding fee scale. You pay what you can afford, based on your income. Almost all health centers provide dental exams and care to keep your mouth healthy. Health centers are in most cities and many rural areas. Health centers nationwide have more than 7,000 dental providers to care for children and adults, whether or not you have insurance.

Use Find A Health Center to find the health center closest to you, then phone the health center and make an appointment for oral health care.

Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance

Every State and U.S. territory has a Medicaid and a Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that provide health care coverage, including dental care, for children in low income families. Each state has its own rules about eligibility and services. Applying is easy, free and confidential.  

To get started, make a free call to 1-877 KIDS NOW (1-877-543-7669). If your children are already enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP, find both oral care and medical providers below.

Medicaid & CHIP Providers in Your State

To find providers, use the pull-down menu below.

HRSA Find a Health Center Widget.

Did You Know?
  • Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, five times more common than asthma.
  • Children miss 51 million school hours/yr for dental problems and visits.
  • One in three adults has untreated cavities.
  • Adults lose 164 million work hours each year because of oral health problems.