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Quality Improvement

Clinical Quality and Performance Measures Toolbox

Proven strategies and techniques to effectively support an organization's new or existing quality improvement program. The toolkit's wide range of practical, convenient, and useful tools are used for implementing data collection and performance measurement techniques to improve delivery of care. Resources are adaptable and may be used to facilitate the implementation of a new quality improvement program or fine tune an existing one. 
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On-Demand Quality Improvement and Health IT Webinars

Using Health IT for Care Coordination Across Inpatient and Outpatient Settings

Continuity and Resiliency for Health IT Systems: Preparing for Unforeseen Events

Using Health IT for Patient Safety

Overview of Meaningful Use Stage 2 NPRM for Safety Net Providers

Tips for Preventing Scope Creep and Cost Over Runs When Implementing a Health IT System

Tips for Engaging Safety Net Patients Using Health IT

Tips for Overcoming the Gray Areas of Meaningful Use Stage 1 for Safety Net Providers

Tips for Using Your Health IT System for Population Health Management 

Tips for Going Live With Your Health IT System

Impact of ICD-10 on Safety Net Providers 

Privacy and Security - What Questions Should You Ask Your Vendor?"