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Developing & Implementing a QI Plan

Part 6: Related Resources 

  1. Quality Improvement Plan Template. New York State Office of Mental Health.–  This QI plan template highlights the key elements of QI plan such as purpose, leadership and organization structure, goals and objectives, performance measurement, QI methodology (i.e., PDSA, Six Sigma), evaluation and QI tools.
  2. Spokane Regional Health District 2010 Quality Improvement Plan (PDF - 16 pages) Spokane Regional Health District.  – This is Washington’s Spokane Regional Health District’s QI plan for the year 2010.
  3. Southwest Community Health Center Continuous Quality Improvement Program.
  4. How-to Guide: Governance Leadership Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) website.– IHI’s website has tools for hospitals working to get their boards on board, how to guide and other resources. Some of the principles and techniques outlined here can be used for other types of providers.
  5. Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century by Institute of Medicine Institute of Medicine. (2001). Washington, DC: National Academy Press. – This is a key Institute of Medicine (IOM) report that highlights the six aims for improvement in health care.
  6. Healthy 2020 Topics & Objectives. – The website provides science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans.
  7. Engaging, Activating, and Partnering with Healthcare Boards-Webinar One [Webinar]. –’s webinar on engaging health care boards in improving patient safety and quality of care in their institution.
  8. Compare Care Quality. – This is a tool that helps compare the quality of care hospitals provide. It includes a list of US hospitals along with the 44 quality of care measures developed to evaluate hospital quality of care.
  9. Cause Analysis Tools - American Society for Quality - Use these tools when you want to conduct root cause analysis for a problem or situation.
  10. Quality Management Technical Assistance Manual. (PDF - 77 pages) Health Resources and Services Administration. - This HRSA guide discusses QI tools and the nine-step framework for quality management, including information on developing and implementing an improvement plan. Also discusses quality management (QM) and QI tools/techniques (pages 32-35); and includes sample QM plan, QM plan grid, quality committee/Team meeting minutes format, etc.
  11. Designing a Successful Quality Improvement Program: Teambuilding and Writing a QI Plan (PPT - 3.28MB) Health Resources and Services Administration. . – This PowerPoint presentation by HRSA discusses QI plans and helpful points on teambuilding.
  12. Introduction to Continuous Quality Improvement Techniques for Healthcare Process Improvement.   (PDF - 47 pages). Statit Software, Inc.– This document provides an overview of CQI in health care, and tools and techniques involved in the process.
  13. Continuous Quality Improvement And Health Promotion: Can CQI Lead To Better Outcomes? (PDF - 9 pages) Health Promotion International, 14. – This journal article discusses quality concepts including CQI and its main components.
  14. Developing a Health Department Quality Improvement Plan – (PDF - 6 pages). This is a white paper on how to develop a QI plan for the Sedgwick County Local Health Department. It includes important elements that should be included in a QI plan.
  15. Quality Improvement: Guide for HIV/AIDS Clinical Care.  Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  – This manual highlights the basics of QI and provides a description of key components of a quality plan.
  16. Health Resources and Service Administration FY 2012 Online Performance Appendix. (PDF - 217 pages). Health Resources and Services Administration.– This document includes HRSA’s past and projected performance measures, including measures discussed in the FY 2012 Performance Budget.
  17. Performance Measurement and Evaluation:Definitions and Relationships (PDF - 9 pages). United States General Accounting Office.- This resource provides a detailed discussion of specific approaches to measurement and quality evaluation including outcomes evaluation, process evaluation and cost-benefit analysis.
  18. ABCs of Measurement. National Quality Forum. - This resource is the National Quality Forum’s introduction to performance measurement and the basics of what goes into NQF endorsement.
  19. Six Sigma DMAIC Roadmap  iSixSigma.
  20. The FADE Model Duke University Medical Center. 
  21. Science of Improvement: How to Improve. Institute for Healthcare Improvement. 
  22. Maximizing the Effectiveness of Quality Improvement Plans [Webinar]. Health Resources and Services Administration. - This HRSA webinar provides an understanding of a QI plan and its importance.
  23. Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Worksheet. Institute for Healthcare Improvement. - This resource provides a template to be used to document a test of change within your organization.

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