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Quality Improvement

Part 1: Quality Improvement (QI) and the Importance of QI

Part 2: Before Beginning - Establish an Organizational Foundation for QI

Part 3: QI Programs - The Improvement Journey

Part 4: Supporting the QI Program - Keep the Momentum Going

Part 5: References

Part 6: Additional Resources

Part 6: Additional Resources 

  1. Introductory training on Quality Improvement provided by HRSA and developed by the Morehouse School of Medicine is available as pre-recorded audio and video modules in Real Player software format.
  2. The Duke University and Medical Center Department of Family Medicine prepared a module, What is Quality Improvement? Exit Disclaimer. - Inclusive of essential discussion and tools assisting providers and teams in their quest for QI.
  3. The HRSA Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP) assembled an extensive list of resources, RHC Quality Improvement Resources, for organizations researching and preparing for QI.
  4. Beck KL, Larrabee JH: A simultaneous analysis of nursing care quality and cost. J Nurs Care Qual 9(4): 63-71, 1995.
  5. Flower J: The 13 errors. Physician Exec 24(6):52-54, 1998.
  6. HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) manual reference here.
  7. Improving Chronic Illness Care: Overview of the Chronic Care Model and CCM Presentation. Exit Disclaimer.
  8. Healthcare Communities Exit Disclaimer. - Portal for Quality Improvement Library provided by HRSA contains an array of QI resources, change strategies, and tools that may be instrumental to organizations who may be designing a QI program. The searchable library can be accessed by entering words or phrases in the "Search For" box.
  9. The Migrant Clinicians Network Exit Disclaimer. provides web based resources and tools that may be accessed and integrated into health care organizations implementing QI programs.
  10. The Improvement Guide - A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational Performance. Langley, Gerald et al. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 1996
  11. NQC Quality Academy Exit Disclaimer.
  12. Deming WE. The New Economics for Industry, Government, and Education. Exit Disclaimer. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press; 2000
  13. National Quality Center, QAP, 2008, A Modern Paradigm for Improving Healthcare Quality
  14. NACCHO Continuous Quality Improvement Worksheet Exit Disclaimer. [PDF | 16KB]

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