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Readiness Assessment & Developing Project Aims

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Key Characteristics of Readiness

Part 3: Assessing Organizational Culture for Change

Part 4: Tools to Support Readiness Assessment

Part 5: Developing and Writing Effective Aim Statement

Part 6: Tools to Support the Development of Aim Statements

Part 7: Related Resources

Part 7: Related Resources

  1. Assessing Organizational Readiness  (PDF - 8 pages) California Telemedicine and eHealth Center Discovery Series. This guide provides a series of questionnaires to help assess if an organization is culturally ready to implement change.
  2. Assessing Organizational Readiness for Change. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 22, 197-209. - This article describes an assessment instrument for organizational readiness for change.
  3. Communities’ Readiness to Commit to High-Quality Health Care Health Affairs, 29(6), 108-1210. - This article describes the importance of learning from lessons learned to improve quality in health care communities.
  4. A Model to Create “Organizational Readiness” for the Successful Implementation of Quality Management Systems. (PDF - 4 pages) International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 9 (1), 69-72. -This article describes organizational readiness strategies to enhance a positive culture.
  5. The CAHPS Improvement Guide.  Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality. (2008, October 27).- This website developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality provides practical strategies to improve patient care
  6. Health Information Technology Tools for Improving Health Care Quality. Health Resources and Services Administration. - This website developed by HRSA provides an assortment of health IT tools and resources.
  7. Science of Improvement: Forming the team. Institute for Healthcare Improvement. (2011).- This website developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement provides examples of effective team members to manage project aims.
  8. Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century.  Institute of Medicine. (2001). - This report developed by the Institute of Medicine identifies strategies for quality improvement throughout the nation. 
  9. Quality Texas Organizational Performance Resource Library. (PDF - 10 pages) Team Chartering. - This article defines team chartering and the process to develop a team charter.
  10. Top 10 Problems Encountered By Quality Improvement Teams. Public Health Foundation.  - This article, written by the Public Health Foundation, describes the most common problems faced by QI teams.
  11. Team Process Review Checklist  (PDF - 1 page) Public Health Foundation.  - This article provides a checklist of evaluation questions to review the team.
  12. Surveys on Patient Safety Culture. Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality. (2011, June). - This website developed by AHRQ provides patient safety culture safety tools.
  13. Healthcare Quality Improvement and Organizational Culture. (PDF - 19 pages) Delmarva Foundation. - This report written by the Delmarva Foundation describes strategies to embrace an organizational culture that supports quality improvement.
  14. Associations Between Organizational Characteristics and Quality Improvement Activities of Clinics Participating in Quality Improvement Collaboratives.  (PDF - 29 pages) MedCare, 47(9), 1026-1030. - This paper highlights a study that investigates the relationship between clinic characteristics and quality improvement efforts.
  15. Demystifying and Improving Organizational Culture in Health Care. Organization Development in Healthcare: Conversations on Research and Strategies, Advances in Health Care Management, Volume 10. - This resource describes strategies that providers can use to measure and improve organizational culture.
  16. Measure, Learn, and Improve: Physicians' Involvement in Quality Improvement. Health Affairs, 24(3), 843-853. This article describes the importance of physicians in quality improvement efforts.
  17. Sustaining Quality Improvement in Community Health Centers: Perceptions of Leaders and Staff.   The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, 31(4), 319-329. - This article identifies the incentives and personnel needed to sustain quality improvement in community health centers. 
  18. Community Health Center Quality Improvement: A Systematic Review and Future Directions for Research (PDF - 2 pages) The Johns Hopkins University Press.  - This community policy brief provides recommendations to help providers, policy makers and community leaders improve quality.
  19. Ten Tips for Incorporating Scientific Quality Improvement into Everyday Work.  BMJ Quality & Safety, 20, 69-72. - This article provides tips to help providers maximize their quality improvement efforts.
  20. Applying High Reliability Principles (PPT - 2.46MB). Sayles, Shannon.  (2009, November 12). - This PowerPoint provides tips to help build staff accountability.
  21. Quality Improvement Innovation Network American Academy of Pediatrics. - This website developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics lists several quality improvement resources for pediatric care.
  22. Rapid Cycle PDCA  Public Health Foundation. - This article developed by the Public Health Foundation describes the PDSA cycle.
  23. How to develop a Quality Improvement Aim Statement. (Word - 56KB) Healthcare Communities. - This document provides an example aim statement from Starlight Health Center and Rural Health.
  24. Aim Statement and Population of Focus Examples (Word - 20KB) Healthcare Communities. - This document provides an example aim statement from Pulaski Health Center.
  25. Science of Improvement: Tips for Settting Aims.  Institute for Healthcare Improvement - This website developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement provides tips for setting successful aim statements.
  26. Science of Improvement: Testing Changes Institute for Healthcare Improvement. - This website developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement describes the steps of the PDSA cycle.
  27. Quality Improvement Basics. Stratis Health. (2010). - This website developed by Stratis Health provides several resources, webinars and information related to quality improvement.

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