January 25-26, 2021 Meeting

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Agenda (PDF - 437 KB)
Summary Meeting Minutes (PDF - 305 KB)

Webinar Recordings and Transcripts:
Day 1- January 25 | Transcript (PDF - 870 KB)
Day 2- January 26 | Transcript (PDF - 790 KB)

Workgroup Transcripts:
Quality and Access to Care (PDF - 361 KB)
Data and Research to Action (PDF - 405 KB)
Health Equity (PDF - 410 KB)


Updates from Maternal and Child Health Bureau (PDF - 591 KB)
Michael Warren, MD, MPH, FAAP

A Public-Private Partnership. Improving Maternal Health Outcomes for Black Women (PDF - 532 KB)
Carlyn Mark, Office on Intergovernmental and External Affairs, US DHHS

Updates From DRH on Activities to Improve Maternal Health (PDF - 1 MB)
Charlan D. Kroelinger, PhD, Institute of Reproductive Health (DRH), CDC

National Institute of Health Efforts to Improve Maternal Health (PDF - 1 MB)
Alison N. Cernich, PhD, National Insitute of Child Health and Human Development

Maternal and Child Health Bureau Overview (PDF - 1 MB)
Michael Warren, MD, MPH, FAAP

Maternal and Health Characteristics Among Mothers With Presumed or Confirmed COVID-19 During pregnancy (PDF - 618 KB)
Michelle Osterman, National Center for Health Statistics

COVID-19 and Pregnancy (PDF - 1 MB)
Wanda D. Barfield, MD, MPH, FAAP, RADM USPHS (RET.), Division of Reproductive Health, CDC

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development(NICHD) COVID-19 Activities (PDF - 1 MB)
Alison Cernich, PhD, NICHD

COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy. ACIP Recommendations and Safety Monitoring (PDF - 662 KB)
Dana Meaney-Delman, MD, MPH, Division of Birth Defects & Infant Disorder, CDC

FDA's Pregnancy Related Activities (PDF - 331 KB)
Leyla Sahin, MD, Division of Pediatric and Maternal Health, CDER, US FDA

COVID-19 HRSA Activities (PDF - 503 KB)
Michael Warren, MD, MPH, FAAP

Children at the Border. Challenges and Opportunities (PDF - 229 KB)
Paul H. Wise, MD, MPH

Supporting Migrant Mamas and Babies (PDF - 4 MB)
Annie Leone, MSN, CNM

Health Equity Workgroup (PDF - 707 KB)
Janelle Palachios, PhD, CNM, RN and Belinda Pettiford, MPH , BS, BA

Data and Research to Action Workgroup Report (PDF - 110 KB)
Madga Peck, ScD, Jeanne Conry, MD, PhD, Paul Wise, MD, MPH

NIEHS Programs in Children's Environmental Health (CEH) (PDF - 1 MB)
Gwen W. Collman, PhD, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Contributions to Infant and Maternal Health (PDF - 3 MB)
Tracey Woodruff, Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment, UCSF

Public Health Exposome Framework (PDF - 2 MB)
Darryl B. Hood, PhD, College of Public Health, Ohio State University

Project TENDR (PDF - 416 KB)
Maureen Swanson, The Arc

Building Trust and Community Around Maternal-Infant Environmental Health (PDF - 1 MB)
Linda McCauley, PhD, RN, FAAN, FRCN, FAAOHN

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