Advisory Committee Nominations

HRSA requests nominations for voting members to serve on the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV).

The HHS Secretary appoints nine voting members to the ACCV. These members consist of:

  1. Three health professionals. They cannot be employees of the United States Government. And they must have expertise in:
    • the health care of children;
    • the epidemiology, etiology, and prevention of childhood diseases; and
    • the adverse reactions associated with vaccines, of whom at least two shall be pediatricians.
  2. Three members from the general public. At least two must be legal representatives (parents or guardians) of children who have suffered a vaccine-related injury or death.
  3. Three attorneys. At least one msut be an attorney whose specialty includes representation of people who have suffered a vaccine-related injury or death. And one will be an attorney whose specialty includes representation of vaccine manufacturers. 

Based on an ACCV recommendation, the Secretary will consider a health professional with expertise in obstetrics as the second member of the general public.

To be considered for appointment to the ACCV as one of the members of the general public who is the legal representative (parent or guardian) of a child who has suffered a vaccine-related injury or death, there must have been a finding (i.e., a decision) by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims or a civil court that a VICP-covered vaccine caused, or was presumed to have caused, the represented child’s injury or death.

How Long Does a Voting Member Serve?

A voting member serves for three years beginning on the date the Secretary appoints them.

What Is the Appointment Type?

The Secretary appoints ACCV members as Special Government Employees. As such, they are covered by the federal ethics rules, including the criminal conflict of interest statutes governing executive branch employees. 

EXAMPLE: An ACCV member may be prohibited from discussions about making changes to the Vaccine Injury Table and Vaccine Information Statements for the Hepatitis B vaccine if they or their spouse owns stock valued above a certain amount in companies which manufacturer this vaccine, affecting their own pecuniary interests - including interests imputed to them. 

To evaluate possible conflicts of interest, potential candidates must fill out the Confidential Financial Disclosure Report, OGE Form 450. This provides us detailed information concerning financial interests, consultancies, research grants, and/or contracts that might be affected by recommendations made by the ACCV.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF - 62 KB)

Where Should You Submit Nominations?

Director, Division of Injury Compensation Programs
Health Systems Bureau
Health Resources and Services Administration
5600 Fishers Lane, Room 8W-25A
Room 08N146B
Rockville, MD 20857

Have additional questions?
Email Pita Gomez, Principal Staff Liaison, or call her at 1-800-338-2382.

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