Telehealth Programs

Telehealth is especially critical in rural and other remote areas that lack sufficient health care services, including specialty care.

The Office for the Advancement of Telehealth (OAT) promotes the use of telehealth technologies for health care delivery, education, and health information services.

Telehealth is defined as the use of electronic information and telecommunication technologies to support and promote long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration. Technologies include video conferencing, the internet, store-and-forward imaging, streaming media, and terrestrial and wireless communications.

OAT provides funds to promote and improve telehealth services in rural areas, including:

Telehealth Network Grant Program (TNGP)

Telehealth Resource Center Grant Program (TRC)

Evidence-Based Tele-Emergency Network Grant Program (EB TNGP)

Rural Veterans Health Access Program (RVHAP)

Licensure Portability Grant Program (LPGP)

Rural Child Poverty Telehealth Network Grant Program (RCPTNGP)

Resources for Telehealth

Funding Opportunities: Telehealth can be an important tool for improving access to quality health care, especially for underserved and economically or medically vulnerable populations.    Applicants who propose a telehealth component to their work plan are encouraged to reach out to one of the 12 HRSA-supported Regional Telehealth Resource Centers HRSA exit disclaimer, which provide technical assistance to organizations and individuals who are actively providing or interested in providing telehealth services to rural and/or underserved communities.

Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs) exit disclaimer icon FORHP supports TRCs, which provide assistance, education and information to organizations and individuals who are actively providing or interested in providing medical care in remote areas. 

Profiles of OAT Grantees, 2013-2014 provides an overview of the 36 telehealth and telemedicine projects administered during this period. 

The Role of Telehealth in an Evolving Health Care Environment exit disclaimer icon is a FORHP-commissioned report from the Institutes of Medicine on how telehealth technology can fit into the U.S. health care system.

Date Last Reviewed:  June 2018