Telehealth can improve access to health care in rural, urban, and underserved areas. There are many telehealth resources that can support patients and providers.

Telehealth Resources

  • 2023 Office for the Advancement of Telehealth (OAT) Grantee Directory (PDF - 8 MB) – This directory shares about eight grant programs for 2023. It gives information about the 72 programs and 60 organizations.
  • HRSA Data Warehouse – This website shares maps, data, and dashboards about HRSA’s programs.
  • Provider Bridge – This resource helps health care providers learn more about state licensure.
  • Rural Health Information Hub – This website is a national rural health resource on rural health. It shares information, research, and best practices.
  • – This is a hub of information with the latest on telehealth. Providers can find more about policies, best practice guides, and resources. Patients can learn how to make an appointment, get help with access, and prepare for a virtual visit.
  • Telehealth Centers of Excellence – The Telehealth Centers of Excellence create resources for telehealth and provide technical assistance. They work with organizations, researchers, providers, and staff.
  • Telehealth Resource Centers – These Centers offer telehealth technical assistance. They provide consults, trainings, webinars, and presentations. Their websites share the latest telehealth resources.
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