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HRSA Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs

HRSA Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (HRSA IEA) includes 10 regional offices, one sub-regional office in Puerto Rico, and its headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.

Who we are

HRSA IEA serves as the principal Agency lead on intergovernmental and external affairs, regional operations, and tribal partnerships. HRSA IEA extends the reach of HRSA programs by leveraging knowledge of the national and regional landscape and established networks of contacts in states, tribes, and territories.

Core functions

Serve as Ambassador and Liaison: Serve as a central point of contact and representative for HRSA and facilitate connections to HRSA and federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, and community partners.

Engage in Strategic Collaboration and Consultation: Create and broker relationships with partners to address needs, facilitate problem resolution, advance HRSA priorities, and leverage HRSA resources.

Provide Outreach and Education: Promote public health and health equity by expanding knowledge about HRSA’s programs, resources, priorities, and related best practices.

Respond to Public Health Issues: Identify critical ground-level public health information about national, regional, state, local, tribal, and territorial trends to inform HRSA's operations, decision-making, and allocation of resources.

Priority activities

State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Engagement: Engage state, local, tribal, and territorial health leadership to increase their knowledge of and ability to leverage HRSA assets to improve population health. HRSA IEA also leads the Agency's tribal activities and works to strengthen the unique government-to-government relationship with tribes.

External Engagement: Facilitate the Agency's interactions with intergovernmental agencies and major stakeholders to link resources at the federal, state, and community levels; respond to inquiries; coordinate with HRSA programs; and collaborate on focus areas.

Outreach and Education: Provide technical assistance and training to educate stakeholders, eligible applicants, and targeted populations on HRSA's mission, programs, and resources.

HRSA Bureau and Office Support: Provide assistance to HRSA grantees; represent HRSA at federal, regional, state, local, tribal, and territorial meetings; offer pre- and post-award support to current and potential grantees; and coordinate responses to emergent public health issues.

Special Initiatives and Partnerships: Develop and support activities to address regional, state, local, tribal, and territorial needs that align with HHS and HRSA goals.

HRSA IEA at a glance

What is Tribal affairs at HRSA?

  • Support for the legal relationship between Federal with Tribal governments.
  • Coordination of tribal activities across the agency and collaboration with Tribal communities.
  • Convening of the HRSA Tribal Advisory Council, leading Tribal Consultations, and supporting the Department’s Tribal affairs efforts.

When should you contact HRSA IEA?

  • When you want to know more about HRSA programs or initiatives.
  • When you need information about the regional, state, local, tribal, and territorial landscape that may impact your stakeholders.
  • When you are looking for technical assistance, funding opportunities, resources, or partners.
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