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Manage Your Grant

Electronic Handbooks (EHBs)

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Visit Training to learn about:

  • Conference Calls
  • Guide: How to Manage Your Grant
  • Grants Management Workshops

Administrative Management

Visit Administrative Management to learn about:

  • Uniform Administrative Requirements
  • Payment Management System (PMS) Training

Financial Management

Visit Financial Management to learn about:

  • Unallowable Costs
  • Financial Health: Best Practices
  • Audit Confirmations

Policies, Regulations, & Guidance

Visit Policies, Regulations, & Guidance to learn about:

  • Standard Terms for HRSA awards
  • Program Integrity
  • Entity Information Responsibility/Qualification
  • Civil Rights

Reporting Requirements

Visit Reporting Requirements to learn about:

  • Federal Funding and Transparency Act (FFATA)
  • Federal Financial Report (FFR)
  • Noncompeting Continuation (NCC) Progress Reports
  • Property Reports
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