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Reporting Requirements

As a HRSA award recipient, we require that you report on your use of HRSA funds. We require this as a condition of your HRSA award.

Federal Funding and Transparency Act (FFATA)

FFATA requires recipients of non-Recovery Act funded grants and cooperative agreements to report on sub-awards of $25,000 or more. Learn about FFATA implementation requirements.

  • Contact us with questions about FFATA.
  • Include the 10-digit grant number (found in box 12 of your award letter) in all emails and identify the issue in the subject line (e.g., FSRS/FFATA Reporting Problem).

Federal Financial Report (FFR)

As a condition of award, you must submit a Federal Financial Report (FFR) annually.

Noncompeting Continuation (NCC) progress reports

You can submit a streamlined NCC progress report for a successive budget period within your approved project period instead of a full grant application.

You submit these progress reports, which include information about budgets, performance reporting, measurement of success so far in the project, and compliance with terms and conditions, through the EHBs.

Property reports

Real property is any land, including land improvements or structures that are purchased with award funds, excluding movable machinery and equipment.

We require property reports to track the status of the property you used to carry out the award.

Property questions?

Email the Office of Federal Assistance Management Property.

Typical issues include federal interest and requests to subordinate the federal interest.

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