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NCCPR Key Contact/Principal Form Instructions

Find out how to complete the form as part of your Non-Competing Continuation Progress Report (NCCPR).

What must I do on the form?

  1. Review any names that appear in the section.
  2. Add, delete, or edit to include all principals involved in the project.
  3. Include the Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD).
  4. Check for personnel you identify as principal or key.
  5. Provide as much information as possible.

What do I certify when I submit my report?

You certify that all principal and key personnel can take part in the project. Review the regulations that apply to the report.

If you cannot do this, explain why in an attachment under the section, “Other Relevant Documents.”

How do you define principal?

Review how the Code of Federal Regulations defines principal. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) further expanded on what principal means.

Who are key personnel?

Key personnel are those who contribute or execute the project in a meaningful way. Their absence from the project would impact the approved scope of the project.

Key personnel may:

  • Include consultants if they’re involved in the project in a meaningful way
  • Receive funds from the project or volunteer
  • Work for you or another organization

Where do I find key personnel on the Notice of Award (NOA)?

The PD or PI is in Item #7 on the NOA. We’ll identify any other key personnel by name or position title in a key personnel term of award.

Where can I identify other key personnel?

You may do so on a competing application or in the NCCPR.

Do I need your approval to change key personnel?

Yes. You must get our approval before you change any key personnel.

How do I submit a prior approval request (PAR) for a key personnel change?

Submit the key personnel request via the EHBs PAR module. Do not use the Standard Form-Performance Progress Report (SF-PPR) form.

What regulations apply to the NCC report?

These explain that if someone is ineligible, they cannot take part in federal assistance programs or activities.

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