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Our training options help you manage your HRSA grant.

Watch the latest technical assistance webinar

April 2023 webinar

Watch: April 2023 HRSA Recipient Technical Assistance Webinar
Download: April 2023 HRSA Recipient Technical Assistance slides (PDF - 583 KB)

Watch previous webinars

September 2022 call

Watch: September 2022 Technical Assistance Call
Download: OFAM Recipient Technical Assistance Call III slides (PDF - 1009 KB)

July 2022 call

Watch: July 2022 Technical Assistance Call
Download: OFAM Recipient Technical Assistance Call II slides (PDF - 585 KB)

April 2022 call

Watch: April 2022 Technical Assistance Call
Download: OFAM Technical Assistance Call slides (PDF - 803 KB)

Follow our guide to managing your grant

You must manage daily operations of your award-supported activities, the project's performance, and the payment of award funds. Follow our guide to understand how to fulfill these duties.

Community Project Funding/Congressionally Directed Spending Projects (CPF/CDS)

We have resources to help our CPF/CDS recipients apply and administer your projects in accordance with HRSA’s reporting and review activities.

Join a Healthy Grants Workshop

Join an upcoming workshop or review presentations from past workshops. The workshops help you manage your HRSA award.

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Maintain an active registration. Renew and revalidate at least once a year.

Get and provide your UEI in each application.

On April 4, 2022, the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) replaced the DUNS. To get a UEI, visit and select "Get Started."

Electronic Handbooks (EHBs)

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