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Healthy Grants Workshops

Healthy Grants Workshop - presented as a Web Series

The Office of Federal Assistance Management (OFAM) presented the Healthy Grants Workshops as a web series in 2021.

Our workshops help you manage your grant.  

We'll include presentations on our most requested topics.

View the 2021 Healthy Grants Workshop schedule.

Previous Workshops

Session 8 - August 24, 2021

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Connecting and Supporting HRSA Grantees and Stakeholders

An introduction to HRSA's Office of Regional Operations (now HRSA Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs). We cover when and how to engage ORO (HRSA IEA), technical assistance, and special initiatives available through 10 regional offices.

We also address how to engage with partners and stakeholders on HRSA priorities (including effectively responding to COVID-19); and upcoming events and activities across the nation.

HHS OIG: Detecting and Reporting Fraud

An overview of HHS Office of Inspector General's (OIG) role in combatting fraud, waste, and abuse. OIG discusses fraud indicators; why people commit fraud; some case examples; and how to submit complaints to HHS OIG.

Time and Effort Reporting

Learn about tools to use in your organization to ensure you are in compliance with time and effort reporting. In addition, we debunk the myths on what is required vs. what is a best practice.

Session 7 - August 10, 2021

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Disability and Language Access

In this session we review some important questions, including:

  • Is your organization communicating effectively with individuals who have vision, hearing, or speech disabilities?
  • Is your medical equipment accessible to patients with disabilities?
  • Is your facility accessible to individuals with mobility-based disabilities?

The session also summarizes relevant law, explains your obligations as they relate to disability access, and discusses how you can meet those obligations. We touch on specific topics related to disability access, including physical access, medical access, and effective communication.

We also review the process of creating a language access plan, which serves as your organization's roadmap to providing quality language access services. Additionally, we examine common challenges that organizations face when trying to provide language access services and we review practical solutions for how to address those challenges.

Service Animal Requirements

In this session we review Service Animal Requirements: How to Modify Your Policies and Procedures to Ensure Equal Access. During this session, we:

Provide an overview of disability access laws related to service animals;

  • clarify what is and is not a service animal;
  • compare and contrast service animal requirements in different settings;
  • discuss common service animal accessibility challenges and how to overcome them; and
  • hear real-world case studies and applications of service animal best practices.

Session 6 - July 27, 2021

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EHB Overview and New User Enhancements

We review recent Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) enhancements, explain functionality and roles, and provide answers to common questions.

We also feature new self-help tutorials so you can carry your learning back to your organization.

We review the website ("HRSA Data Warehouse"). It provides maps, data, reports, and dashboards about our health care programs.

We highlight resources to help you gather information on our grants, loan and scholarship programs, health centers, and other public health programs and services.

Session 5 - July 13, 2021

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An Ounce of Prevention: Grants Risk Management

The past year and a half has been all about preventing illness and managing health risks. The famous saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" has never been more relevant.

As project directors and financial management leaders, you know that this wisdom extends to the health of your grant.

During this session, experts on grants risk management and internal controls share key tips to help you ensure a "healthy" grant program. You'll also learn about HRSA's own responsibilities to ensure the health of its grant programs.

Audit Resolution - Addressing Common Findings

Get an overview of the audit resolution process, including case studies for both monetary and non-monetary audit findings.

Session 4 - June 29, 2021

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Understanding and Submitting Prior Approvals

We share what you need to know once you receive the Notice of Award (NoA). The focus of this session is common types of prior approval requests and when they are required.

Nuts and Bolts of Construction Grants and NFI

Federal Financial Reporting for HRSA Grants

Session 3 - June 15, 2021

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Suspension & Debarment

Expanding Expanded Authority

Session 2 - June 1, 2021

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Get to Know DGMO

Grant Budgeting

Session 1 - May 18, 2021

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Grants Policy

Financial Monitoring

Single Audits

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