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UPDATE – Tribal Consultation Meeting

HRSA’s Annual Tribal Consultation Meeting took place on June 6, 2017 during the National Tribal Public Health Summit hosted by the National Indian Health Board. Listed below are the handouts that were provided during the meeting. If you have any questions, please contact us via our dedicated tribal mailbox at

Dear Tribal Leader Letter (PDF - 29 KB)

HRSA Programs at a Glance (PDF - 96 KB)

Tip Sheet for HRSA Grantees (PDF - 210 KB)

How to Become a Grant Reviewer (PDF - 312 KB)

TCM Handout - HRSA 2017 Annual Tribal Consultation Call-in Information and Agenda (PDF 234 KB)

Partnering with federal agencies and tribal communities, our work aims to increase access to health professionals, health centers, and affordable health care in hopes of eliminating tribal health inequities.

HRSA creates opportunities for collaboration between Indian Health Service (IHS) facilities and tribal organizations to improve access to care for American Indians and Alaska Natives. These natural partners provide comprehensive, culturally acceptable, accessible, affordable health care to improve the lives of tribal populations.

HRSA & IHS Priorities

To help tribal organizations maximize the impact of key government programs, HRSA and IHS identified the following priorities:

  • Increase Urban Indian Health participation in the Health Center Program.
  • Improve usage of Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) designation to tribal populations
    • Shortage Designation Criteria:
      • Members of Indian tribes are automatically designated as population HPSAs.
      • Outpatient health programs or facilities operated by a tribe or tribal organization under the Indian Self-Determination Act, or by an urban Indian organization receiving funds under Title V of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, are considered Federally Qualified Health Centers, and thus automatically designated HPSAs.
  • Support the workforce through health professions programs and the National Health Service Corps.
  • Enhance participation in the HRSA competitive grants process.
  • Provide greater technical assistance from HRSA regional offices.

Tribal Health Resources

Grants for Underserved Populations
Loans & Scholarships
Shortage Designation: Health Professional Shortage Areas & Medically-Underserved Areas/Populations
Tribal Colleges and Universities
HRSA/IHS/SAMHSA Tribal Suicide Prevention Resources (PDF - 300 KB)

Agencies and Organizations

Indian Health Service
National Council of Urban Indian Health
National Indian Health Board

Policy Updates

HRSA Tribal Consultation Policy (PDF – 130 KB)
Health Resources for American Indian/Alaska Native Women and Families (PDF - 88 KB)

Last Reviewed: August 2016