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HRSA Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs

HRSA Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (IEA) includes 10 regional offices, one sub-regional office in Puerto Rico, and its headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.

HRSA IEA's Mission

To provide on-the-ground outreach to increase the reach, impact, and awareness of HRSA programs.

What We Do

HRSA Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs serves as the principal Agency lead on intergovernmental and external affairs, regional operations, and tribal partnerships.  HRSA IEA extends the reach of HRSA programs by leveraging the knowledge of the national and regional landscape, proximity and networks of local contacts in states, tribes, and territories.

Core Functions

External Affairs & Outreach: HRSA IEA serves as the HRSA Ambassador and regional leader conducting outreach to expand knowledge about HRSA's programs and priorities and increase access to care.

Strategic Stakeholder Partnerships: HRSA IEA engages partners at various levels (federal, state, local, and tribal) and brokers relationships to advance Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)/HRSA priorities and provide targeted strategic action.

Regional Surveillance: HRSA IEA identifies and reports critical ground-level communications and information about regional/state and tribal trends to inform HRSA's operations, decision-making, and allocation of resources.

Regional Management: HRSA IEA provides administrative management to ensure the efficacy of HRSA's regional human capital, technology, and facilities resources.

Priority Activities

State, Tribal, and Local Engagement: HRSA IEA engages with state, local health, and tribal leadership to increase their knowledge of and ability to leverage HRSA assets and improve population health.

Outreach and Education: HRSA IEA provides technical assistance and training to educate stakeholders, eligible applicants and targeted populations on HRSA's mission, programs and resources.

HRSA Bureau and Office Support: HRSA IEA provides assistance to grantees, represents HRSA at state, local, tribal, and regional meetings, offers pre- and post-award support to potential and current grantees and provides information about and coordination on addressing emergent public health issues.

Special Initiatives and Partnerships: HRSA IEA develops and participates in activities to address state, local, tribal, and regional needs that are in alignment with HHS and HRSA goals.

HRSA IEA at a Glance

Organization Chart

Key Staff and Contact Information

HRSA IEA (formerly ORO) Fact Sheet (PDF - 82 KB)

Tribal Affairs

When should you contact HRSA IEA?

  • When you want to know more about HRSA programs or initiatives.
  • When you need contextual information about the state, local, tribal, and regional landscape that may impact your stakeholders.
  • When you are looking for technical assistance, resources (including funding opportunities) or new partners.
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