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HRSA Strategic Plan FY 2024

HRSA is issuing an interim update to the FY 2019 – 2022 HRSA Strategic Plan to ensure alignment with Administration and HHS priorities.


To improve health outcomes and achieve health equity through access to quality services, a skilled health workforce, and innovative, high-value programs


Healthy Communities, Healthy People

Goal 1: Take actionable steps to achieve health equity and improve public health

Objective 1.1 Maximize community partnerships and stakeholder collaboration, including those who have historically experienced health disparities
Objective 1.2 Promote overall health and disease prevention across populations, providers, and communities
Objective 1.3 Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion for HRSA grantees and contractors and equal employment opportunity
Objective 1.4 Incorporate health equity concepts and measures into HRSA programs and policies, including grants and contracts

Goal 2: Improve access to quality health services

Objective 2.1 Improve the availability, affordability, and capacity of health care services, systems, and infrastructure
Objective 2.2 Connect people who are geographically isolated, have lower incomes, or who have complex medical needs to integrated primary care and preventive services, whether in person or via telehealth
Objective 2.3 Improve the quality, safety, and effectiveness of health services for underserved populations and those in need
Objective 2.4 Enhance maternal and child health efforts and reduce disparities in morbidity, mortality, and health outcomes
Objective 2.5 Reduce behavioral health challenges by supporting availability, accessibility, and effectiveness of services
Objective 2.6 Improve access to oral health care, women's health care, and affordable prescription drugs for underserved populations and those in need

Goal 3: Foster a health workforce and health infrastructure able to address current and emerging needs

Objective 3.1 Advance the competencies and resiliency of the health workforce, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration
Objective 3.2 Improve the supply, geographic distribution, and diversity of the health workforce
Objective 3.3 Support access to and sustainability of high-quality and affordable health facilities and services, including during public health emergencies
Objective 3.4 Foster the development, equitable use, and effectiveness of new technologies to deliver care, especially for rural and underserved populations

Goal 4: Optimize HRSA operations and strengthen program engagement

Objective 4.1 Improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations to achieve HRSA's mission
Objective 4.2 Optimize the HRSA workforce to support an accountable, data-driven organization
Objective 4.3 Enhance program oversight and integrity, and strengthen program delivery, by building and using evidence
Objective 4.4 Provide efficient, effective, and responsive customer service to recipients of HRSA funding and other stakeholders
Objective 4.5 Enhance and leverage diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility for HRSA employees

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