Goal 4: Maximize the Value and Impact of HRSA Programs

HRSA commits to sound stewardship and ensuring the transparency and accountability of the resources Congress and the taxpayers entrust to it.

In 2019 – 2022, HRSA will focus on supporting efforts that focus on prevention and systems that pay for the outcomes of healthy people and healthy communities.

To achieve such a transformation, HRSA will be driven by data to ensure decisions about programs and resource allocation are informed by a broad range of evidence from all relevant sources. HRSA will hold itself to high standards by ensuring all programs maximize the investments and contribute to improved health outcomes. 

Objective 4.1: Make program and resource allocation decisions based on data and evidence


4.1.1 Ensure timely policy and resource allocation decision making by supporting and establishing real-time, individualized, and interactive data collection, analysis, and management.

4.1.2 Identify and quantify health care service program gaps using existing and new data sources.

4.1.3 Enhance program performance by integrating data and analysis, including cost, and establishing and updating high-quality program performance measures and targets. 

4.1.4 Improve HRSA-grantee program performance by promoting the development, implementation, and use of patient experience and outcome measures, including patient-reported data and price transparency data, as appropriate, for use in quality reporting.

4.1.5 Recognize and reward exceptional HRSA-grantee performance by providing quality awards to grantees that demonstrate effectiveness through improved outcomes and efficiency.

Objective 4.2: Enhance program oversight and integrity


4.2.1 Promote compliance and preserve program integrity by providing technical assistance and other resources for HRSA grantees. 

4.2.2 Strengthen program oversight and integrity by fostering agency-wide coordination and collaboration among HRSA staff.

4.2.3 Reduce program risks by integrating risk management techniques to proactively address and prevent program vulnerabilities and promote efficient and effective program operations.

Date Last Reviewed:  May 2019