For Providers

As a healthcare provider, you are often on the frontline when a health emergency is declared. You are also most often your patients’ most trusted health information resource, so we need your help to create awareness about the CICP for those patients who may have had a serious adverse reaction to a covered countermeasure.

In the event of local or national deployment of covered countermeasures for administration to your patients in an actual or potential public health emergency declared by the Secretary of DHHS, this website is where you will find useful information to share with your patients about the CICP.

Also, there will be links to sites with critical information you need to know about the emergency, its countermeasures, and the potential risks associated with those measures.

Seasonal Flu

Seasonal influenza vaccines are not covered countermeasures under the CICP. If you received the seasonal influenza vaccine or other vaccines covered by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) such as tetanus or the human papillomavirus vaccine and think that you had an adverse reaction from one or a combination of these covered vaccines, see the VICP.

CICP Fact Sheet

Download the CICP fact sheet (PDF)

Countermeasures Injury Tables

Smallpox Countermeasures Injury Table

Smallpox Countermeasures Injury Table Final Rule

Pandemic Influenza Countermeasure Injury Table (XML - 18 KB)

Pandemic Influenza Countermeasure Injury Table Final Rule (PDF - 237 KB)

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