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Rural Health Clinic COVID-19 Testing Supply (RHCCTS) Program

Program Summary

The Rural Health Clinic COVID-19 Testing Supply (RHCCTS) Program supports Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) across the country by:

  • Providing free at-home self-tests to RHCs;
  • Providing free point-of-care (POC) analyzers and test strips to RHCs;
  • Providing free N95 masks to RHCs.

Approximately 4,800 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)-certified RHCs ensure primary care access and improve health outcomes for over 60 million Americans who live in rural communities.

This program ensures COVID-19 testing supplies and N95 masks are available to populations and settings in need of testing, especially populations at greater risk from adverse outcomes related to COVID-19.


  • CMS-certified RHCs and organizations that own and operate CMS-certified RHCs.
  • All RHCs must have active CMS Certification Numbers (CCNs).


  1. Verify your RHC provider type eligibility and obtain your RHC CCN on the CMS Quality, Certification and Oversight Reports (QCOR) website.
  2. Complete the Readiness Assessment which gathers basic information about your RHC including shipping address and hours of operation.
  3. Sign the RHCCTS Program Conditions of Participation (COP) (PDF - 186 KB) and return to
  • HRSA will enroll RHCs in the RHCCTS Program as they meet eligibility requirements. You will receive an email confirmation once enrolled.
  • NOTE: The RHCCTS Program updated the COP in March 2022. RHCs previously enrolled with an earlier version do not need to re-submit an updated COP.

Technical Assistance

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