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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration
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Open Opportunities

HRSA makes grants to organizations to improve and expand health care services for underserved people, focusing on the following program areas:

Health Workforce | HIV/AIDS | Maternal & Child Health | Office of the Administrator | Primary Health Care/Health Centers | Rural Health | Healthcare Systems | Organ Donation

Announcement: The FY 17 Grants Bulletin (PDF - 130 KB) is now available for a summary of all BHW grant opportunities

Health Workforce Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-068 Predoctoral Pediatric Training in General Dentistry and Dental Hygiene

HRSA-17-065 Centers of Excellence (COE)

HRSA-17-067 Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) Program

HRSA-17-072 Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry Clinician Educator Career Development Award

HRSA-17-071 Area Health Education Centers Program

HIV/AIDS Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-031 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part A Planning Council and Transitional Grant Area Planning Body Technical Assistance (TA)

HRSA-17-039 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part D Coordinated HIV Services and Access to Research for Women, Infants, Children, and Youth (WICY) Existing Geographic Service Areas

HRSA-17-042 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Part C Capacity Development Program

HRSA-17-044 Using Evidence Informed Interventions to Improve Health Outcomes among People Living with HIV

HRSA-17-049 Using Evidence Informed Interventions to Improve Health Outcomes among People Living with HIV

HRSA-17-045 Health Information Technology Capacity Building for the Integration of Medicaid and Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Data

Maternal & Child Health Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-093 Maternal and Child Environmental Health Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN)

HRSA-17-010 Autism CARES Act National Interdisciplinary Training Resource Center

HRSA-17-097 Autism Transitions Research Project (ATRP)

HRSA-17-088 State Public Health Coordinating Center for Autism

HRSA-17-100 Health Care Delivery System Innovations for Children with Medical Complexity

HRSA-17-111 Optimizing Family Support for Families of Children with or at-risk for Congenital Zika Virus Infection

HRSA-17-086 National Maternal and Child Center for Oral Health Systems Integration and Improvement

HRSA-17-060 Maternal and Child Health Research Network Program Children with Special Health Care Needs Research Network (CSHCN-RN)

Office of Administrator Open Opportunities

None at this time.

Primary Health Care/Health Centers Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-104 Increasing Organ Donation Awareness

HRSA-17-109 Service Area Competition

Healthcare Systems Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-104 Increasing Organ Donation Awareness

HRSA-17-099 Poison Center Network Service Area Competition

Rural Health Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-001 Frontier Community Health Integration Project Technical Assistance, Tracking, and Analysis Program

Organ Donation & Transplantation Open Opportunities

None at this time.

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