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HRSA's Latest Steps to Transform the Organ Transplant System to Better Serve Patients and Families

May 2024 Update

Today, after soliciting and reviewing public feedback following the release of draft requests for proposals in February 2024, HRSA is issuing final requests for proposals to support multiple contract awards. This is a key step in the OPTN Modernization Initiative to improve transparency, performance, governance, and efficiency of the US transplant system to benefit patients and their families. This action will increase competition ensuring patients and their families benefit from best-in-class vendors. 

Issuing final requests for proposals is the latest milestone in HRSA’s OPTN Modernization Initiative. In recent months, HRSA has:

  • Worked with Congress to secure an increase of $23 million in funding to advance the OPTN Modernization Initiative.
  • Taken steps to establish a new, independent legal entity for the OPTN Board of Directors (PDF - 184 KB) to facilitate transparent, independent and accountable OPTN governance. This entity will be independent of the current OPTN contractor and future OPTN contractors.
  • Launched the discovery and development phase of the transition to a modernized OPTN IT matching system that leverages industry-leading IT standards and practices.
  • Taken action to address “pre-waitlist” inequities in the organ waitlist process and reduce variations in referrals to transplant and in organ procurement practices.

View the full contract solicitations, information on upcoming informational sessions, and important contract timelines at To bring forward the best ideas to improve the system and help patients and families, HRSA encourages teaming partnerships. To access a list of vendors who registered for information sessions regarding these solicitations visit the Electronic Reading Room.

See final solicitations for OPTN Board of Directors Support IDIQ and OPTN Operations Transition IDIQ on

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