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OPTN Transition Contract Updates, Enhanced HRSA and CMS Collaboration, and HRSA Stakeholder Engagement

On March 22, 2023, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) announced a Modernization Initiative to strengthen accountability and transparency in the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN). This initiative is focused on five key areas: technology, data transparency, governance, operations, and quality improvement and innovation.

The OPTN Modernization Initiative is centered on putting patients first, prioritizing information flow to clinicians, promoting innovation through continuous competition, and enhancing transparency and accountability.

HRSA continues to work in close partnership with the United States Digital Service on human centered design and technology approaches to modernize the OPTN.

OPTN transition contract updates

OPTN transition contract Pre-Solicitation Notice released: stay informed – a Pre-Solicitation Notice was recently issued on the US Government's System for Award Management platform. This notice serves as a prelude to forthcoming opportunities and solicitations, aligning with our mission of continued transparency and open communication.

Coming soon – Mark your calendars! Join us for our second Industry Day on November 9th to hear the latest updates on the Modernization Initiative, including information on the upcoming OPTN Board Support Transition Contract. This is also an opportunity for interested stakeholders to share feedback. Go to to learn more about the event and register for Industry Day. Registration closes on November 7, 2023, at 7:00 PM, ET.

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July 2023 Industry Day information and resources available on

HRSA and CMS collaboration

On September 15, 2023, CMS published an announcement about a coordinated effort with HRSA to improve organ donation, procurement, and transplantation through an Organ Transplantation Affinity Group (OTAG). The announcement describes efforts committed to by both agencies to drive improvements in donations, clinical outcomes, system improvement, quality measurement and transparency, and regulatory oversight.

Anticipated efforts of the collaborative working group include:

  • Enhancing collaboration on federal policy development and implementation and communication to improve transparency and advance progress on national goals
  • Harmonizing data across the organ transplantation system to improve system performance and to develop a core set of national organ transplantation system performance metrics
  • Further strengthening accountability to patients, families, and the public by:
    • Advancing equitable access to transplantation by collecting data and establishing criteria for standardization and transparency of waitlist practices
    • Ensuring a transparent process for intake of stakeholder complaints and ensuring that concerns and recommendations are addressed in a timely manner
    • Promoting patient safety and engagement

Stakeholder engagement

HRSA is committed to continuing open dialogue with all OPTN stakeholders to ensure that patient, family, and clinician voices are engaged in the OPTN modernization efforts. To date, HRSA has engaged over 800 individuals, including patients and families to better understand the pain points and perspectives of individuals and organizations that directly interact with the OPTN. This dialogue is a key part of the Human Centered Design (HCD), patient safety, and equity focused approach to the OPTN Modernization Initiative.

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