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Tribal Consultations and Listening Sessions

We help Tribes improve access to health care throughout Indian Country. We engage with Tribes, Tribal organizations and people interested in finding funding to support Tribal communities, including through Tribal Consultations and listening sessions.

Tribal Consultations

What is a Tribal Consultation?

A Tribal Consultation is a dialogue between Federal and Tribal governments. The goal of the consultation is to advance the government-to-government relationship between HRSA and Indian Tribes. 

What happens during a Tribal Consultation?

We get the chance to engage with Tribal governments. Together, we promote the government-to-government relationship between HRSA and Tribal Nations and address health care challenges in Indian Country. 

Read the HRSA Tribal Consultation Policy (PDF - 130 KB)

Who can participate in a Tribal Consultation? 

Elected Tribal officials or their authorized representatives and HRSA leadership or their designee(s) can participate in a Tribal Consultation.

How can a Tribal Consultation help Tribes?

Some health care priorities addressed in past Tribal Consultations are:

When do Tribal Consultations take place? 

HRSA holds annual Tribal Consultations and at Tribes’ request. Tribal Consultations can be in person and virtual.

How do I join a Tribal Consultation?

We will inform you about an upcoming Tribal Consultation through a Dear Tribal Leader Letter. This letter will include registration information. 

What if I miss a Tribal Consultation? 

We will publish summary information about what went on during the Tribal Consultation after it happens. 

Listening sessions

What are listening sessions? How are they different from Tribal Consultations?

Listening sessions are a chance for us to seek feedback on our programs. We share information with Tribes and Tribal-serving organizations. 

Examples of past listening sessions include:

Who can participate in a listening session?

Tribal representatives and organizations working to improve health outcomes for American Indians and Alaska Natives can join a listening session.

How do I join a listening session?

We will send out emails and newsletter announcements about upcoming listening sessions. We will share how to register in these announcements.

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