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How do I log into 340B OPAIS?

How do I log into 340B OPAIS?

For authorized users with an existing account in 340B OPAIS, you can use the following steps to log into 340B OPAIS:

  1. Click “Login” in the top menu of the 340B OPAIS homepage or click the “I Am a Participant” icon.
  2. Type your email address and password in the spaces provided.
  3. Click “Sign In.”
    1. If your login credentials are correct and you have an active account, the system will display the “Two-Step Authentication” page and send you an email containing a 6-digit authorization code.
  4. Copy the authentication code from that email, paste it in the “Code” text box.
  5. Click “Submit Code.”
  6. The system will prompt you to agree to the “340B OPAIS Rules of Behavior.”
  7. Click on the checkbox next to the acknowledgement of responsibilities statement.
  8. Click “Agree” or “Cancel” button.

These steps can be found in the 340B OPAIS Public User Guide (PDF - 5 MB) on the 340B website.

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