Table 3. CICP Claims Pending Compensation

Data as of January 1, 2024

This table displays the countermeasure and injury for claims that are eligible for compensation, and that the program is either waiting for documentation from the requester to determine benefits or benefits determination is in progress.

Please note that the number column within the tables are not assigned numbers for a particular claim, but reflect the number of listed items in a given table. Further details concerning the table contents are provided below.

NumberCovered CountermeasureCovered Injury
1COVID-19 VaccineSevere Febrile Reaction
2COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis / Pericarditis
3COVID-19 VaccineMyopericarditis
4COVID-19 VaccineMyopericarditis
5COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
6COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
7COVID-19 VaccinePericarditis
8COVID-19 VaccineAngioedema
9COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
10COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
11COVID-19 VaccineSyncope
12COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
13COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
14COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis / Pericarditis
15COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
16COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis / Pericarditis
17COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis / Pericarditis
18COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
19COVID-19 VaccineThrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS)
20COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
21COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis / Pericarditis
22COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
23COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
24COVID-19 VaccineGuillain-Barrè Syndrome (GBS)
25COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
26COVID-19 VaccineGBS
27COVID-19 VaccineThrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS)
28COVID-19 VaccineMyopericarditis
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