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  4. Table 6. CICP Claims Denied Compensation Because Required Medical Records Were Not Submitted (Fiscal Years 2010 – 2024)

Table 6. CICP Claims Denied Compensation Because Required Medical Records Were Not Submitted (Fiscal Years 2010 – 2024)

Data as of May 1, 2024

This table displays the alleged countermeasure and alleged injury for each CICP claim filed between Fiscal Years 2010 and 2024 that was denied compensation because the requester did not submit any required medical records, which may include not submitting any of the medical records specified in their Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information Form(s) submitted to the Program. When this occurs, CICP staff notify the requester and provide them an opportunity to submit the appropriate medical records. However, if the appropriate medical records are not received, CICP staff are unable to conduct a medical review of the claim. If medical records documenting the alleged injury are received, the claim will proceed to a medical review even if incomplete after the requester has had an opportunity to submit the additional appropriate medical records.

Please note that the number column within the tables are not assigned numbers for a particular claim, but reflect the number of listed items in a given table. Further details concerning the table contents are provided below.

NumberAlleged CountermeasureAlleged Injury
1H1N1 vaccineAnaphylaxis
2H1N1 vaccineRash (Arm/Shoulder)
3H1N1 vaccineRash (Upper Torso/Scalp)
4H1N1 vaccineFlu Symptoms
5H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
6H1N1 vaccineFlu Symptoms
7H1N1 vaccineFlu Symptoms
8H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
9H1N1 vaccineFever/ Difficulty Breathing
10H1N1 vaccineAnaphylaxis
11H1N1 vaccineFlu Symptoms
12H1N1 vaccineFever / Vomiting / Shortness of Breath
13H1N1 vaccineGuillain-Barrè Syndrome (GBS)
14H1N1 vaccineNeurologic symptoms
15H1N1 vaccineFlu Symptoms
16H1N1 vaccinePolyarthritis
17H1N1 vaccineGastroenteritis
18H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
19H1N1 vaccineMiscarriage
20H1N1 vaccineBell’s Palsy
21H1N1 vaccineWeakness/ Elevated Blood Pressure
22H1N1 vaccineArm Pain
23H1N1 vaccineHematoma
24H1N1 vaccineRapid Heartbeat / Dizziness
25H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
26H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
27H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
28H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
29H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
30H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
31H1N1 vaccineTransverse Myelitis
32H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
33H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
34H1N1 vaccineGBS
35H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
36H1N1 vaccineLymph Node Enlargement
37H1N1 vaccineMyalgias
38H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
39H1N1 vaccineIdiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)
40H1N1 vaccineAnaphylactic Shock
41H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
42H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
43H1N1 vaccineWeakness/ Neurologic Issues
44H1N1 vaccineMiscarriage
45H1N1 vaccineRotator Cuff Tear
46H1N1 vaccineNumbness/ Swelling
47H1N1 vaccineGBS
48H1N1 vaccineEdema/ Itching/ Rash/ Skin Lesions/ Weight loss
49H1N1 vaccineAutoimmune Encephalopathy
50H1N1 vaccineCyst
51H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
52H1N1 vaccineWheezing / Fever
53H1N1 vaccineFever/ Headache/ Severe Pain
54H1N1 vaccineMiscarriage
55H1N1 vaccineMiscarriage
56H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
57H1N1 vaccineBell’s Palsy
58H1N1 vaccineGBS
59H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
60H1N1 vaccineGBS
61H1N1 vaccineObsessive Behavior/ Depression
62H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
63H1N1 vaccineGBS
64H1N1 vaccineMiscarriage
65H1N1 vaccineDiabetes
66H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
67H1N1 vaccineNeurologic symptoms
68H1N1 vaccinePain at Injection Site
69H1N1 vaccineMiscarriage
70H1N1 vaccineFatigue / Spasms
71H1N1 vaccine + Tamiflu + RelenzaSevere Cough
72H1N1 vaccinePain / Weakness
73H1N1 vaccineSevere Cough
74H1N1 vaccineAutoimmune Reaction
75H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
76H1N1 vaccineAllergic Reaction
77H1N1 vaccineHeadaches / Severe Pain
78H1N1 vaccineHeadaches / Severe Pain
79H1N1 vaccinePeripheral Neuropathy / Paresthesia
80H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
81H1N1 vaccinePain / Numbness
82H1N1 vaccineDifficulty Breathing
83H1N1 vaccineRash
84H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
85H1N1 vaccineMiscarriage
86H1N1 vaccineNumbness / Pain
87H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
88H1N1 vaccineViral Illness
89H1N1 vaccinePneumonia
90H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
91H1N1 vaccineHives
92H1N1 vaccineShoulder Severe Pain
93H1N1 vaccineShoulder Pain
94H1N1 vaccineHeart Arrhythmia / Syncope/ Seizures/ Stroke
95H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
96H1N1 vaccinePolymyositis/ Fibromyalgia
97H1N1 vaccineBreathing Issues
98H1N1 vaccineNeurologic symptoms
99H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
100H1N1 vaccinePain / Nausea / Numbness
101H1N1 vaccineGBS
102H1N1 vaccineNeuropathy / Dizziness / Fatigue
103H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
104H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
105H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
106H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
107H1N1 vaccineRotator Cuff Tear / Tendonitis / Nerve Damage
108H1N1 vaccineFlu Symptoms
109H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
110H1N1 vaccineDeath
111H1N1 vaccineParalysis
112H1N1 vaccineImmobility / Shoulder pain
113H1N1 vaccineRheumatoid Arthritis / Raynaud's Syndrome
114H1N1 vaccineBreathing Issues / Coughing
115H1N1 vaccinePain at Injection Site
116H1N1 vaccineShoulder Pain / Weakness
117H1N1 vaccinePain / Spasms
118H1N1 vaccineNumbness / Soreness / Spasms
119H1N1 vaccineGBS
120H1N1 vaccineWeakness / Numbness
121Anthrax vaccineGBS
122H1N1 vaccineParalysis / Numbness / Pain
123H1N1 vaccineParalysis / Pain
124H1N1 vaccineChest Pain
125H1N1 vaccineBradycardia / Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) / Hypertension / Headache
126Smallpox vaccineGBS
127Smallpox vaccineMyocarditis
128Smallpox vaccinePain / Allergic Reaction
129Anthrax VaccineEncephalitis / Seizures
130H1N1 vaccineNot Specified
131Smallpox vaccineAllergic Reaction
132Anthrax vaccineAllergic Reaction / Nervous system Disorder / Thyroid Cancer
133H1N1 vaccineGBS / Death
134Anthrax vaccineMyocarditis
135H7N9 Drug TrialHeart Palpitations
136COVID-19 VaccineDeath
137COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
138COVID-19 VaccineDehydration / Flu Like Symptoms
139COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
140COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylactic Shock
141COVID-19 VaccineDeath
142COVID-19 VaccineHeadache / Numbness / Tinnitus
143COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
144COVID-19 VaccineBroken Bone / Dizziness
145COVID-19 VaccineTachycardia
146COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
147COVID-19 VaccineNumbness
148COVID-19 VaccineNumbness
149COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
150COVID-19 VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
151COVID-19 VaccineAddison's Disease
152COVID-19 VaccineBursitis / Shoulder Injury / Synovitis
153COVID-19 VaccineShoulder Pain
154COVID-19 VaccineDifficulty Breathing / Dizziness / Nausea / Pain / Rash / Weakness
155COVID-19 VaccineShortness of Breath / Vomiting
156COVID-19 VaccineHearing Loss
157COVID-19 VaccineAnxiety / Sleep Issue
158COVID-19 VaccineRash
159COVID-19 VaccineCellulitis
160COVID-19 VaccineHypertension / Tachycardia
161COVID-19 VaccineDizziness / Rapid Heartbeat / Shortness of Breath
162COVID-19 VaccineStroke
163COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
164COVID-19 VaccineFever / Nausea / Shortness of Breath
165COVID-19 VaccineCardiac Arrhythmia
166COVID-19 VaccineDeath
168COVID-19 VaccinePhantosmia
169COVID-19 VaccineDehydration / Fever / Vomiting
170COVID-19 VaccineDizziness / High Blood Pressure / Tachycardia
171COVID-19 VaccineDiarrhea / Dizziness / Fatigue / Nausea
172COVID-19 VaccineAsthma / Fatigue
173COVID-19 VaccineBrain Fog / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) / Rapid Heartbeat
174COVID-19 VaccineFainting
175COVID-19 VaccineStevens-Johnson
176COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylaxis
177COVID-19 VaccineRash / Swelling
178COVID-19 VaccineDehydration / Fever / Rapid Heartbeat / Vomiting
179COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylaxis
180COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
181COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
182COVID-19 VaccineC Diff Infection / Pancolitis
183COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain / Rapid Heartbeat
184COVID-19 VaccineAche / Fever
185COVID-19 VaccineHeart Issues / Pain / Tachycardia
186COVID-19 VaccineNausea / Weight Loss
187COVID-19 VaccineErythema
188COVID-19 VaccineAnxiety / Chest Pain / Depression / Headache / Rapid Heartbeat
189COVID-19 VaccineAtrial Fibrillation (A-Fib) / Cardiogenic Shock / Pericardial Effusion
190COVID-19 VaccineHigh Blood Pressure / Numbness / Swelling
191COVID-19 VaccineShoulder Injury
192COVID-19 VaccineShoulder Injury
193COVID-19 VaccineAppendicitis
194COVID-19 VaccineCold Symptoms / Cough
195COVID-19 VaccineBell's Palsy
196COVID-19 VaccineThrombosis
197COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
198Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
199COVID-19 VaccineParalysis
200COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
201COVID-19 VaccineCOVID-19 Infection
202COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylaxis
203COVID-19 VaccineBlood Clot
204COVID-19 VaccineShoulder Injury
205COVID-19 VaccineAneurysm
206COVID-19 VaccineAbdominal Pain / Headache / High Blood Pressure / Rapid Heartbeat
207COVID-19 VaccineDeep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) / Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
208COVID-19 VaccineVocal Cord Dysfunction
209COVID-19 VaccineCardiac Arrest
210COVID-19 VaccineFainting
211COVID-19 VaccineDizziness / Fatigue / Pain
212COVID-19 VaccineBrain Fog / Vertigo
213COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
214COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain
215COVID-19 VaccineInsomnia / Tinnitus
216COVID-19 VaccineBell's Palsy
217COVID-19 VaccineNumbness / Pain / Weakness
218COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
219COVID-19 VaccineBell's Palsy
220COVID-19 VaccineLow Blood Pressure / Rapid Heartbeat
221COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
222COVID-19 VaccineNumbness
223COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
224COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
225COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
226COVID-19 VaccineHand Injury
227COVID-19 VaccineDeep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
228COVID-19 VaccineDizziness / Nausea
229COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
230COVID-19 VaccineBell's Palsy
231COVID-19 VaccineDizziness
232COVID-19 VaccineSeizure Disorder
233COVID-19 VaccineDeath
234COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
235COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
236COVID-19 VaccineDeath
237COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
238COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
239COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
240COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
241COVID-19 VaccineDizziness
242COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
243Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
244COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
245COVID-19 VaccineShortness of Breath / Vaccine Reaction
246COVID-19 VaccineSIRVA
247COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
248COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
249COVID-19 VaccineHeadache
250COVID-19 VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
251COVID-19 VaccineDeep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
252COVID-19 VaccineLesion / Rash / Swelling
253COVID-19 VaccineBell's Palsy
254COVID-19 VaccineTransverse Myelitis
255COVID-19 VaccineBack pain / Dizziness / Headache
256COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
257COVID-19 VaccineAbdominal Pain
258COVID-19 VaccinePalpitations
259COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylactic Reaction / Chest Pain / Numbness / Shortness of Breath
260COVID-19 VaccineBell's Palsy
261COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
262COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
263COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
264COVID-19 VaccineShoulder Pain
265COVID-19 VaccineDeath
266COVID-19 VaccinePericarditis
267COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
268COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
269COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
270COVID-19 VaccineMyocardial Infarction
271COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
272COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
273COVID-19 VaccineMigraine / Syncope
274COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
275COVID-19 VaccineMiscarriage
276COVID-19 VaccineAche / Fever / Headache / Rapid Heartbeat / Rash
277COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
278COVID-19 VaccineBell's Palsy
279COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
280COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
281COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
282COVID-19 VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
283COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
284COVID-19 VaccinePericarditis
285COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
286COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
287COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
288COVID-19 VaccineDeath
289COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylaxis
290COVID-19 VaccineDizziness
291COVID-19 VaccineTuberous Sclerosis
292COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
293COVID-19 VaccineTransverse Myelitis
294Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
295Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
296Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
297COVID-19 VaccineSIRVA
298Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
299COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
300COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
301COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
302COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylactic Reaction
303Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
304COVID-19 VaccineDeep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
305COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain
306COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
307COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain / Syncope
308COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
309Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
310COVID-19 VaccineTachycardia
311COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
312COVID-19 VaccineNo Medical Diagnosis Provided
313COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
314COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylactic Reaction
315COVID-19 VaccineShoulder Pain
316COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
317COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
318COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
319COVID-19 VaccineDizziness / Nausea
320COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
321COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
322COVID-19 VaccinePulmonary Embolus
323COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
324COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylactic Reaction / Palpitations / Shortness of Breath
325COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
326COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
327COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
328COVID-19 VaccineShoulder Pain
329COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
330COVID-19 VaccineCerebral Vascular Accident (CVA)
331COVID-19 VaccineCerebral Vascular Accident (CVA)
332COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
333Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
334Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
335Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
336Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
337Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
338Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
339COVID-19 VaccinePulmonary Embolus
340COVID-19 VaccineBundle Branch Block / Chest Pain / Dizziness / Rhabdomyolysis
341COVID-19 VaccineDeafness
342COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
343COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
344COVID-19 VaccineAbdominal Pain / Dizziness / Headache / Joint Pain / Shortness of Breath
345COVID-19 VaccineNumbness
346COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
347COVID-19 VaccineDeath
348COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
349Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
350Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
351Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
352Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
353COVID-19 VaccineDeath
354COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain
355COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
356COVID-19 VaccineTachycardia
357COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
358COVID-19 VaccineAbdominal Pain
359COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
360COVID-19 VaccineHearing Loss
361COVID-19 VaccineHeadache
362COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
363COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
364COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis / Pneumonia
365COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
366COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain
367COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
368COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
369COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
370COVID-19 VaccineShortness of Breath
371Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
372Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
373Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
374Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
375Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
376Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
377Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
378Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
379Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
380COVID-19 VaccineFainting
381COVID-19 VaccineHerpes Zoster/Shingles
382COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
383COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
384COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
385COVID-19 VaccinePneumonia
386COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
387COVID-19 VaccineShoulder Pain
388Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
389Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
390COVID-19 VaccineArm Injury / Enlarged Lymph Nodes
391COVID-19 VaccineFever
392Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
393COVID-19 VaccineTransverse Myelitis
394Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
395Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
396COVID-19 VaccineParalysis
397COVID-19 VaccineAbdominal Pain
398COVID-19 VaccineDizziness
399COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
400COVID-19 VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
401COVID-19 VaccineNumbness
402COVID-19 VaccineHeadache
403COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
404COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
405COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
406COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
407COVID-19 VaccineDeath
408COVID-19 VaccineCerebral Vascular Accident (CVA)
409COVID-19 VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
410COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
411COVID-19 VaccineDeath
412COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain / Headache
413COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
414COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
415COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
416Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
417COVID-19 VaccinePulmonary Embolism (PE)
418COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
419COVID-19 VaccineNumbness
420COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
421COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
422COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
423COVID-19 VaccineNumbness / Vaccine Reaction
424COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
425COVID-19 VaccineParesthesia
426COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain / Joint Pain
427COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
428COVID-19 VaccineMigraine / Vertigo
429COVID-19 VaccineBlood Clot / Brain bleed / Death / Pneumonia
430COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
431COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
432COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
433COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
434COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
435COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
436COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
437COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain / Shortness of Breath / Tachycardia
438COVID-19 VaccineBlurred Vision / Eye Injury
439COVID-19 VaccineDeep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
440COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
441COVID-19 VaccineDizziness / Headache
442COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
443COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
444COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
445COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain / Shoulder Pain
446COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
447COVID-19 VaccineNumbness
448COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain
449COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylaxis
450COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
451COVID-19 VaccineDizziness / High Blood Pressure / Vomiting
452COVID-19 VaccineDizziness / Shortness of Breath
453COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
454COVID-19 VaccineBell's Palsy
455COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
456COVID-19 VaccineDizziness / Headache
457COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain / Headache
458COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
459COVID-19 VaccineHearing Loss
460COVID-19 VaccineMyocarditis
461COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
462COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
463COVID-19 VaccineArm Pain
464COVID-19 VaccineAcute Vertigo
465COVID-19 VaccineHeadache / High Blood Pressure / Pain
466COVID-19 VaccineHallux Rigidus (Stiff Big Toe)
467COVID-19 VaccineBranch Retinal Artery Occlusion (BRAO)
468COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
469COVID-19 VaccineDeep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
470COVID-19 VaccineCerebral Vascular Accident (CVA)
471COVID-19 VaccineChest Pain / Dizziness / Shortness of Breath
472COVID-19 VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
473COVID-19 VaccinePain / Paralysis
474COVID-19 VaccineSyncope
475COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
476COVID-19 VaccineArm Injury / Fatigue / Mobility Issues / Speech Issues
477COVID-19 VaccineBlood Clot
478COVID-19 VaccineDeep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
479COVID-19 VaccineDeath / Thrombocytopenia
480COVID-19 VaccineAllergic Reaction
481COVID-19 VaccineFatigue / Flu-Like Symptoms / Mouth Lesions / Thrush
482COVID-19 VaccineAdhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)
483COVID-19 VaccineKidney Failure / Rhabdomyolysis
484COVID-19 VaccineNot Specified
485COVID-19 VaccineFainting / Nausea / Rapid Heart Rate / Sweating
486COVID-19 VaccineDeep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) / Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
487COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
488COVID-19 VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
489COVID-19 VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
490COVID-19 VaccineNerve Damage
491COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
492COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
493COVID-19 VaccineCardiomyopathy / Pulmonary Embolus
494COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
495COVID-19 VaccineVaccine Reaction
496COVID-19 VaccineAnaphylactic Shock
497COVID-19 VaccineTachycardia
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