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Table 9. Ineligible Claims for Products Not Covered by the CICP (Fiscal Years 2010 – 2024)

Data as of April 1, 2024

This table displays the alleged countermeasure and alleged injury for each CICP claim filed between Fiscal Years 2010 and 2024 that was ineligible because the Request for Benefits (claim) alleged an injury from a product that the CICP does not cover.

Please note that the number column within the tables are not assigned numbers for a particular claim, but reflect the number of listed items in a given table. Further details concerning the table contents are provided below.

NumberAlleged CountermeasureAlleged Injury
11976 H1N1 vaccineGuillain-Barrè Syndrome (GBS)
21976 H1N1 vaccineGBS
3Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineFatigue/ Fibromyalgia/ Depression/ Lesions
4Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineMigraine Headaches
5Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineMigraine Headaches
6Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineMigraine Headaches / Pain / Diarrhea
7Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineNerve Disorder / Sleep Disorder
8Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineNeuropathy / Central Nervous System Demyelinating Disease / Inflammatory Joint Disease / Fatigue
9Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineNot Specified
10Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineDiarrhea / Fatigue / Asthma
11Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineMyofascial Pain Syndrome / SLE Lupus / Scoliosis / SI Joint Dysfunction / IBS Syndrome / Night Sweats / Psychosis
12DTAP, MMR vaccinesMinimal Change Disease
13DTAP, Polio, and Haemophilus Influenzae B vaccinesSeizures / Infantile Spasms / Delayed Development
14Human Papillomavirus (HPV) VaccineEnlarged Lymph Nodes/ Spleen and Liver
15HPV vaccineNeurologic Symptoms
16Influenza / Pneumococcal vaccinesAllergic Reaction
17Japanese Encephalitis vaccineWeakness/ Neurologic Issues
18Meningococcal vaccineDouble Vision
19Meningococcal vaccineShoulder Pain
20Pneumococcal vaccinePain/ Fever/ Inflammation
21Pneumococcal vaccineFainting
22Pneumococcal vaccineNot Specified
23Seasonal Flu vaccineArm Pain
24Seasonal Flu vaccineArm Swelling
25Seasonal Flu vaccineBipolar Disorder/ Depression
26Seasonal Flu vaccineBirth Defects
27Seasonal Flu vaccineCalcified Tendons/ Arthritis symptoms
28Seasonal Flu vaccineCIDP
29Seasonal Flu vaccineDeath
30Seasonal Flu vaccineFlu-like Symptoms
31Seasonal Flu vaccineFlu-like Symptoms
32Seasonal Flu vaccineFrozen Shoulder Syndrome
33Seasonal Flu vaccineGBS
34Seasonal Flu vaccineGBS
35Seasonal Flu vaccineHeadache / Tremors / Fever
36Seasonal Flu vaccineLaryngitis
37Seasonal Flu vaccineNeurologic symptoms
38Seasonal Flu vaccineNot Specified
39Seasonal Flu vaccineNumbness / Weakness / Headaches/ Double Vision
40Seasonal Flu vaccineParalysis
41Seasonal Flu vaccineParalysis / Pain
42Seasonal Flu vaccineParalysis / Pain
43Seasonal Flu vaccineParesthesia / Weakness / Tremors
44Seasonal Flu vaccineSevere Arm Pain
45Seasonal Flu vaccineShoulder Pain
46Seasonal Flu vaccineShoulder Pain
47Seasonal Flu vaccineStevens Johnson Syndrome
48Seasonal Flu vaccineGBS
49Shingles vaccineImmobility / Fibromyalgia / Depression
50Shingrix vaccinePain
51Pre-Prep Act Smallpox Vaccine / Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineBoils / Stroke / High Blood Pressure / Arthritis
52Pre-Prep Act Smallpox Vaccine / Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineNot Specified
53Pre-Prep Act Smallpox Vaccine / Pre-Prep Act Anthrax vaccineOrganic Brain Syndrome / Neuropathy
54Tetanus, Diphtheria, Acellular Pertussis (Tdap) VaccineArm Pain
55-305Failure to have infection control programs in place, the failure to have adequate infection control in place, the failure to properly train staff, the failure to provide sufficient staff, the failure to cohort infected and uninfected individuals, the failure to provide PPE to staff and residents, the failure to train on the proper use of PPE, the failure to have adequate procedures in place to deal with infection, the failure to adequately monitor residents for signs of infection, the failure to transfer residents to a higher level of care when needed, the failure to adequately treat residents with COVID, the failure to provide appropriate distancing among residents, the failure to properly report the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths to authorities, and otherDeath
306Flu VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
307Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
308Flu VaccineTendonitis
309Flu VaccineShoulder Injury
310Influenza Vaccine / TDAPMiscarriage
311Anthrax VaccineAllergic Reaction
312Shingles VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
313TDAPNeuropathy / Numbness / Tingling
314TDAPFever / Hives
315Influenza VaccineBrain Fog / Difficulty Breathing / High Blood Pressure / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
316HPV VaccineVaccine Reaction
317Flu VaccineInjection Site Pain / Numbness
318Influenza VaccineNot Specified
319Rabies ImovaxNot Specified
320Flu VaccineSIRVA
321Flu VaccineBurning / Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) / Pain
322TDAPNot Specified
323Shingles VaccineRash
324Flu VaccineArm Injury / Arm Pain / Arm Swelling / Swelling
325Not SpecifiedDeath
326Influenza VaccineShoulder Pain
327Influenza VaccineAnxiety / Convulsions / Depression / Involuntary Movements / Sweating / Tremors
328Shingles VaccineChest Pain / High Blood Pressure / Nausea
329MMRNot Specified
330HPV VaccineHeadache / Migraine / Seizures
331Influenza VaccineShoulder Pain
332H1N1 VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
333Influenza VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
334Flu VaccineShoulder Pain
335Flu Vaccine / Shingles Vaccine / Tetanus VaccineNot Specified
336Shingles VaccineDeath
337Flu VaccineNumbness / Pain / Tingling
338Not SpecifiedMuscle Pain
339HPV VaccineConcussion / Dental Trauma / Leg Injury / Mental Anguish / Syncope
340Shingles VaccineBleeding / Pain
341Influenza VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
342Flu VaccineTendonitis
343Flu VaccineShoulder Pain
344Varicella VaccinePancytopenia
345Shingles VaccineHeadache / Itching / Nausea / Tingling
346Influenza VaccineNumbness / Temporary Paralysis / Tingling
347Not SpecifiedAnaphylaxis / Quadriplegia
348MefloquineBalance Issues / Dizziness / Hearing Loss / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / Temperature Sensitivity / Tinnitus
349Flu VaccineAdhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) / Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)
350Flu VaccineHyperpigmentation / Itching / Rash / Scarring
351Flu VaccineArm Pain
352Not SpecifiedFainted
353Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
354Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
355Failure to Meet Standards of Care (SNF)Death
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