Hill-Burton Recent Program Policy Notices

Program Policy Notice 16-01 
Consumer Price Index for Medical Care - 2015 (PDF - 228 KB)

Program Policy Notice 16-02 
Revised Poverty Guidelines (PDF - 186 KB)

Program Policy Notice 16-03 
Providing an Individual Written Notice to Each Person Seeking Services in the Facility (PDF - 71 KB)

Program Policy Notice 16-04 
Guidance for Nursing Homes (PDF - 211 KB)

Program Policy Notice 16-05 
Guidance for Hospitals (PDF - 137 KB)

Program Policy Notice 16-06 
Requirements for Facilities Obligated Under the Hill-Burton Uncompensated Services Regulations (PDF - 132 KB)

Program Policy Notice 16-07 
Requirements for Facilities Subject to the Federal Right of Recovery and Waiver of Recovery (PDF - 105 KB)

Program Policy Notice 16-08 
Consumer Price Index Price Calculations (PDF - 20 KB)

Program Policy Notice 16-09 
Consumer Price Index Historical CPI Data (PDF - 43 KB)

Date Last Reviewed:  April 2017

Compliance & Recovery

Compliance & Recovery

Waiver & Recovery

Federal Poverty Guidelines

Spanish Poverty Guidelines
(PDF - 185 KB)

Consumer Price Index

Hill-Burton English Sign
(PDF - 121 KB)

Hill-Burton Spanish Sign
(PDF - 122 KB)

Provider's Guide to the Hill-Burton Uncompensated Services Regulations* (PDF - 3.88 MB) *If you use assistive technology, you may not be able to fully access information in this file. For assistance, contact HRSAAccessibility@hrsa.gov or 888-275-4772, TTY: 877-489-4772