340B Drug Pricing Program

January, 2018

HRSA/OPA recently conducted a 340B Recertification webinar for HRSA Grantees. Recertification will begin February 7, 2018 and end March 7, 2018. You may access the 340B Program Recertification webinar archive  for reference.

December, 2017

The Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) is aware that some Rite Aid pharmacies will become Walgreens pharmacies in the near future. OPA is working closely with Walgreens and impacted covered entities to ensure a smooth transition for the contract pharmacies impacted by this change.

Covered entities will be required to terminate the Rite Aid contract pharmacies and register the new Walgreens contract pharmacies if the covered entity chooses to do so.

The covered entity must first have a new written contract with Walgreens before attempting to register the new Walgreens contract pharmacy.

Participating covered entities are responsible for remaining compliant with program requirements at all times.

For additional information on how to register any new contract pharmacies related to the merger, please contact the 340B Prime Vendor program for assistance at 1-888-340-2787 or at apexusanswers@340bpvp.com.

Guidance to 340B providers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands — Public Health Emergency Declaration by the Secretary

HRSA recognizes that circumstances surrounding disaster relief efforts warrant flexibility for entities eligible for participation in the 340B Program.

Therefore, HRSA is allowing eligible entities in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to immediately enroll for the 340B Program during the Public Health Emergency Declaration by the Secretary, rather than having to wait for the normal quarterly registration period. HRSA believes this will enable these entities to meet the needs of the residents affected by this disaster. If you are in any of these states and would like to enroll, please contact the 340B Prime Vendor Program at apexusanswers@340bpvp.com or 1-888-340-2787.

In addition, please view the following information for flexibilities allowed during a Public Health Emergency Declaration by the Secretary.  

New registrations are accepted October 1-15, January 1-15, April 1-15 and July 1-15.


pictures of prescription drugsThe 340B Program enables covered entities to stretch scarce Federal resources as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services.

Manufacturers participating in Medicaid, agree to provide outpatient drugs to covered entities at significantly reduced prices.

Eligible health care organizations/covered entities are defined in statute and include HRSA-supported health centers and look-alikes, Ryan White clinics and State AIDS Drug Assistance programs, Medicare/Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospitals, children’s hospitals, and other safety net providers. See the full list of eligible organizations/covered entities.

To participate in the 340B Program, eligible organizations/covered entities must register and be enrolled with the 340B program and comply with all 340B Program requirements. Once enrolled, covered entities are assigned a 340B identification number that vendors verify before allowing an organization to purchase 340B discounted drugs.

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Date Last Reviewed:  March 2018


OPA Monthly Update - August 2017 (PDF - 19 KB)

The new 340B Office of Pharmacy Affairs information System (340B OPAIS) is now live and ready for participating Covered Entities and Manufacturers to create User Accounts and access the system.  Additional educational resources can be found on the 340B OPAIS web link.

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