Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Grantees


Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees receive Federal funding to provide HIV/AIDS treatment and related services to people living with HIV/AIDS who are uninsured or under-insured. In addition, the funding is used for technical assistance, clinical training, and the development of innovative models of care.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is authorized by Title XXVI of the Public Health Service Act.

For more information on the program, see Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.


HRSA requires a Federal Grant Number during registration. Use the table below as a guide for determining the federal grant number.

Entity Type Federal Grant Number Format
Ryan White A (RWI) H89HA-----
Ryan White B (RWII, RWIIR, RWIID) X07HA-----, X08HA-----, X09HA-----
Ryan White C (HV) H76HA-----
Ryan White D (RW4) H12HA-----

HRSA is also requiring Ryan White clinics to submit the following:

  1. the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) number at the time of registration and
  2. the date range of their NOFO funding.

Contact your state or local Ryan White program manager if you are unsure of the Federal Grant Number or the NOFO.

  1. Check your registration. Search the 340B OPAIS to check your registration status.
  2. Be aware of the latest registration dates and deadlines. We list the current registration periods on this page, along with a link to the 340B OPAIS and registration forms. The registration forms are available only during the registration periods.
  3. Collect needed information. You will need to provide each Medicaid state the covered entity plans to bill and the billing number(s) it will list on the bill to the state. Billing number(s) may include the billing provider’s national provider identifier (NPI) only, state assigned Medicaid number only, or both NPI and state assigned Medicaid number. 
  4. Identify your Authorizing Official. Only an individual who can bind the organization to a contract, such as a CEO, COO, CFO, clinic administrator, or program manager can submit the 340B on-line registration. You must designate another employee (not consultant or contractor) as the Primary Contact.
    Once approved, the Authorizing Official will receive an email. The message will:
    • confirm your successful enrollment in the 340B program;
    • include the date when you can begin purchasing 340B discounted drugs; and
    • contain the 340B identification number that manufacturers, wholesalers and others will use to verify your participation in the 340B program.
  5. Prepare to complete in one session. The Authorizing Official must complete the on-line registration in one session. If left inactive, the session will close and you will need to start over.
Date Last Reviewed:  July 2020