Peer-to-Peer Program Standards and Expectations

Leading Practice Site Standards


A Leading Practice Site has a culture of compliance that adheres to all 340B Program eligibility requirements, prevents diversion and prevents the violation of the prohibition against duplicate discounts.   


A Leading Practice Site has documented policies and procedures that reflect interdepartmental and cross-organizational practices. A Leading Practice Site uses forward-looking surveillance and intelligence to update its policies and procedures to accommodate emerging legislative and policy changes.


A Leading Practice Site maintains responsibility for 340B program integrity and has well-developed, documented, self-monitoring systems in place that ensure 340B Program integrity. A Leading Practice Site validates its 340B Program compliance through the demonstrable management of continuous quality assessment and improvement strategies

Leading Practice Site Expectations

  • Commit one Peer-to-Peer mentor who can dedicate a total of five (5) hours per month to connect with stakeholders via the Peer-to-Peer Program.
  • Submit a monthly environmental scan
  • Make available knowledgeable staff within the organization to share pharmacy expertise and information with 340B stakeholders and other entity types via the Peer-to-Peer Program.
  • Participate in monthly conference calls with other Leading Practice Sites, APhA and HRSA.
  • Participate as needed at 340B University hosted by the Prime Vendor Program with support from APhA.
  • Agree to  participate in the 340B Peer-to-Peer webinars
  • Commit to being a part of the Peer-to-Peer Program for a minimum of two 2 years.
Date Last Reviewed:  April 2017


Entity stipend over two years to be used as desired

Honorarium opportunities throughout the year

Connection to a learning community composed of representatives from high-performing covered entities

Participate in Peer Workshops that include staff from OPA in attendance  

Financial support to attend and represent 340B stakeholders at selected conferences

Acknowledgement in national publications

Professional development opportunities to elevate skills of individuals and covered entities

APhA membership for two leadership team members