340B Peer-to-Peer Program and Best Practices

Office of Pharmacy Affairs UpdateNovember 2015

What is the 340B Peer-to-Peer Program?

The 340B Peer-to-Peer Program, created in 2011 by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA), is designed to spotlight high-performing 340B covered entities and recognize them as Leading Practice Sites.

These Leading Practice Sites provide practical examples of excellence in 340B Program integrity, demonstrate continuous quality improvement and compliance with 340B Program requirements, while also serving as resources for other 340B entities. Individuals from these high-performing sites, along with other 340B subject matter experts, showcase best practices and policy knowledge to help elevate all 340B stakeholders and promote integrity within the 340B Program.

How do Leading Practice Sites share best practices?

Leading Practice Sites primarily share their experiences through free, monthly peer-to-peer webinars.  Stakeholders can feel confident that they are receiving information and practical examples from covered entities that OPA has carefully selected based on their exemplary 340B compliance. Webinars span a variety of topics, including:

  • audit readiness,
  • compliance improvement,
  • managing drug inventory,
  • operationalizing 340B policies and procedures, and
  • contract pharmacy models.

Register for upcoming webinars—or access recordings of past webinars.

340B stakeholders can also hear from Leading Practice Sites at the educational track known as Access to Care at the APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition, and also at 340B University, which is managed by Apexus, the HRSA-selected 340B Prime Vendor.  

How are Leading Practice Sites selected?

Leading Practice Sites are selected based on their culture of compliance, which includes:

  • scheduled reviews and updates of diversion avoidance strategies,
  • HRSA/state-compliant duplicate discount avoidance,
  • accuracy of OPA database information,
  • compliance with entity type-specific prohibitions, and
  • forward-looking surveillance and intelligence to update policies and procedures to accommodate emerging legislative and policy changes.

These covered entities also have well-developed, documented and monitored systems and practices that promote uniform service levels. Leading Practice Sites are regularly updated with the latest policy and regulatory news to ensure the most up-to-date information is shared with 340B stakeholders.

OPA encourages all covered entity types to submit applications to become Peer-to-Peer Program Leading Practice Sites in this community of learning. The rewards of becoming a Leading Practice Site are many for both the individual professional and the covered entity. Peer-to-Peer Program applicants are continuously evaluated on based on their adherence to 340B Program compliance and exemplary performance.

340B covered entities selected to become Leading Practice Sites receive:

  • Entity payment of $10,000 over two years to be used as desired
  • Honorarium opportunities throughout the year
  • Connection to a learning community composed of representatives from high-performing covered entities
  • Access to OPA through the Peer-to-Peer Program for questions and up-to-date information
  • Financial support to attend and represent 340B stakeholders at selected conferences
  • Acknowledgement in national publications
  • Professional development opportunities to elevate skills of individuals and covered entities
  • APhA membership for two leadership team members (a benefit valued at over $1,000)

Apply to become a Leading Practice Site.

Date Last Reviewed:  January 2021

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