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How To Take Care of Your Oral Health

Problems with your teeth, gums, or other parts of the mouth can increase your risk of having some diseases or health conditions. Small steps, like seeing a dentist regularly for checkups, can help you protect your mouth and teeth and live well at any age.

The A Healthy Mouth for Every Body campaign offers a variety of materials to help you and your family take good care of your oral health.

Oral health topics


Between 2015 and
2018, 13% of children
ages 5 to 19
in the
United States had
untreated cavities
in their teeth.2

1 in 4 adults
ages 20 to 64

currently has

In 2020, more than
54,000 new cases of
oral cancer were
diagnosed in the
United States, and
oral cancer led to
nearly 11,000 deaths.4

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